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Greg Cipes Talking Being Mikey on ‘Ninja Turtles’ & The Love For “Ice Cream Kitty”

Found the above. Not sure if it has been posted already. Thought I'd share it.
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It's cool how he wants to play Mikey forever. You can tell how much he loved this series over his other shows. I mean he still plays Beast Boy on Teen Titans Go to this day, but you can tell how much he prefers Michelangelo.

He also said he'd love for their incarnation to be revisited in the future like the original show Turtles were, so hopefully we do get to see them again. I hope Ciro gets to make a direct to DVD movie for the show a few years down the line.
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It's awesome for him that he got to play his favourite turtle when he grew up.
I also agree with him that this incarnation looks the best so far but that is a matter of opinion.
Didn't he have involvement in developing the stories or ideas for the show too? (may have gotten that wrong)
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