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Cripe, who was teaching those classes? Did they even understand the amount on their own pay stub at the end of the week?

Either that, or it's failures who just is in class to collect a paycheck and don't care if a student wasn't learning. Don't think I had any like that, esp not those in high school, but I'd at least seen substitutes who did not give a crap, including one who gave up and didn't bother trying to each much of of anything... We didn't mind at the time, but at least he was just a temp.
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Dunno. Only teacher here I actually know is retired. He's one of my regular morning coffee crowd, and taught biology, math, and coached football. Pretty nice guy; he gives me a ride home once in a while since he only lives a few blocks from me. Hasn't been in since early last week though. Heard from another regular that he was in the hospital. Hope he's okay.
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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
Libraries also do provide internet access for people who can't at home because of extraneous circumstances. So there's an answer for that.
Worth noting at the library I worked out we were required to provide basic IT lessons to members of the public. Apparently I did quite well but boy doing that was sure out of my comfort zone.
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