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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Donatello's Badd Time is up there. I hate hillbillies.
That is my least favorite episode of the 1987 cartoon.

Overall, it would be the Power Rangers in Space crossover. I quit the Power Rangers franchise with this episode. So many things to gripe about it.
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Mister Ogg Goes to Town

Mister Ogg Goes to Town
Because of all crossovers doing nothing else than messing up the timeline and other stuff of the 1987-1996 series, I've given up writing fanfiction about it. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the TMNT as many other fanfiction writers do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
The original TMNT cartoon wasn't a traditional action cartoon. The whole show was meant to be a parody/satire of superhero cartoons.
You could argue TMNT as a whole is meant to be a satire on capitalisms disruption of nature. The cartoon took it far although I never really saw it as a total parody. To me the entire franchise is a satire, something that kind of gets lost amongst fans that take it really seriously but we're all guilty of doing that.
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