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Mad Scientist
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IDW Collections

Are there any IDW Turtle comics / stories that aren't being included in the IDW collection? Will the TMNT universe comics be included in the chronological ordered editions? I read the list of included comics and didn't notice anything from TMNT universe but wasn't sure if they just hadn't reached that point in time yet or if those have to picked up elsewhere. What about all the crossovers? Have any been excluded or is it already determined / confirmed that some will be excluded in the future?

Sorry, I haven't read much of the IDW comics and would like to start but I'm wondering if just getting the Collections will cover everything. Any help is appreciated.
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They collect everything but the Batman crossovers since those aren't canon and have their own seperate collections, and some minor issues like Infestation that are basically filler.
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Stone Warrior
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I believe the X-Files crossover and Deviations are also left out. The Ghostbusters crossover is IN as it directly ties into the ongoing. The IDW Collections havn't reached the Universe stories yet but I assume it's pretty safe to say those will be included as well.
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Old 12-19-2017, 06:51 AM   #4
TMNT Entity guy
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They also excluded the Infestation 2 miniseries. But since its events have never been mentioned anywhere else in the series, you wouldn't even know you missed it if nobody told you (still a good story, though).
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Stone Warrior
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A Short resume:

Things that WON'T be collected:
- Infestation 2
- X-Files Crossover
- Batman Crossover I and II
- Deviations

Things that we don't know for sure if they're going to be collected:
- Usagi Crossover

Everything else is supposed to be included when the time comes.
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Mad Scientist
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Thank you all!
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