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First complete read through of Mirage

So a few months ago, I decided to start my multiverse Turtle marathon a year earlier than I had planned to. I have just barely finished the Mirage timeline(as compiled by Mark Pellegrini) and was able to read most of the issues and back stories. I also included Andrew's Odyssey story at the very end(extremely well done by the way).

It's disappointing that volume 4 is incomplete and will likely remain that way, but I do understand. Besides, devoting 30 years of your life to the TMNT in that regard is remarkable and more than acceptable to move on from that. Right now, I'd say that Mirage is in competition with IDW as my favorite incarnation of the TMNT. Now to start my marathon of Fred Wolf....Not really expecting much except to still enjoy it(with some annoyance).

By the way Andrew, any idea whether or not Eastman and/or Laird have read your story and if so have they given at least an unofficial "seal of approval" as far as ending the Mirage Turtles is concerned?
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