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TMNT Eps on GBA (and other abbreviations and acronyms)

Majesco, a media and entertainment publisher, recently signed a 3 year deal with 4Kids Entertainment (the owners of the new TMNT cartoon), that will allow them rights to 12 4Kids cartoon episodes for their new "Gameboy Advanced Video" line. These episodes will likely include the Ninja Turtles. So that GBA owning TMNT fans will be able to watch the TMNT on their system.
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Originally Posted by MTN889
wholy sh** that awesom
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This is pretty cool bringing it to the gba.
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Old 03-16-2004, 04:42 PM   #5
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I hope they are unaired episodes. Because I dont really want to pay 30 bucks for a episode that I already had. Or If it was like story arcs? Does Gameboy have a good enoug audio?

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I read on the GBA site that currently, the little video cartridges can hold about 45 minutes worth of video, so I'm gonna say no to the story arcs, because that is about 1 and a half episodes. But hopefully they will have like one episode and then some cool games pertaining to the episode that is on the cartridge
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