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coryroo24 02-17-2004 09:41 AM

Screen Caps from the New Show!! (Index Updated)
Page 1:Utroms, April in Jumpsuit, Shredder intro, Mortu, Northamprton Training Session, Raph vs Elite,Sowrd of Tengu, Hamato Yoshi, Guardians(old+new), Main Guardian,Nano, Nanotech, Harry, Scientist, Parker, April in buissness suit, April and Casey kiss, The Big house, Teary Raph, Quarry+Mutants, Toddler Turtles, Leo vs Elite, Turtle Sensi and Ninja Rats, Leo in the Rain, Leo through the window, Leo+Raph, Eastman+Laird Cops, Mousers

Page 2:Space Suits, Mikey, Lair, Final Battle of RTNY, Garbageman, Homeless, Monitor wall Turtlebot, Leatherhead, King ending(1+2), Japanese Girl, Mini Shredder clone, Foot Mystics, Baxter v3, Shredder Utrom, Shredder vs Leo in japan, Splinter falling, Interestred April, Morning April, Krang, The entity,Navigators, Don w/ Labtop, TMNT vs Turtlebot, Purple Dragon TMNT, Dragonface, Japna Shredder+ Sowrd of Tengu, Sydney

Page 3:Mobsters, Karai Practicing, Utrom Shredder, Baxter V5, Leo w/ Sowrd of Tengu lightshow, Treatening Prime Leader, Karai w/ her foot, Raph in Bus, Splinter goes Crazy, Leo vs Raph, Karai flashback, Healing Shredder Utrom, Purple Dragons, Landing Poses, Fighting Utensils, Bandanas, Intro, Turtles waiting for Shredder, Leo kissing Plungers, Raph workign out, Wet Splinter, April and Don kiss, Leo and Raph vs. Karai, Jumping the Spikes, Hover Escape, Shredder v 2, April w/ Fire Extinguisher, Zog vs Splinter mech, Zog, Baxter v6, Angry Splinter, Raph in Things Change, Casey Jones

Page 4: Shredder + Sowrd of Tengu, Stealing the Sowrd of Tengu, Foot Mystic Battle, Shredder v2, Angel, Casey Attacks, Foot Mystic Symbols, Baxter Retrospective, Chained Splinter, Foot Mechs, Texas Yahoos, Skidding Raph, Pole Vaulting Don, O' Neil, Family Portrait, Jungle Girl April, Casey vs Elite, Sitting TMNT, Traximus, Justice force Logo, Metalhead, Silver Sentry Toy, Comic Geeks, Splinter in the nude, Dr. Malignus, space gladiators, Federation Soldiers, Junklantis Subs, Turtles in Space Gladiators, General Blanque, TMNT with Guns, Triceratons flying with JP's, Commander Mozar, Prime Leader

Page 5:Leo's Hideout, lonae, triceraton and federaton space ships, Lonae, Fugitoid, Dr. Honeycutt, Green Cleaner, Receptionist, Boy(Cub) and Mom(Urma?), Foot Tech Ninjas, Spasmosaur, Green Monster, Alien Guy(from Triceraton Prison), TMNT in Street Atire, Elite Guard vs. Leo, Robo-Baxter, Red and Green Utroms (human form), Triceraton Gladiators, TMNT in Casey Jones Attire, Donnie and King Kirby, Donnie and the human's from Kirby's world, Shredder knocking Mike out in Japan, Assorted Shredder Clones, Leatherhead in coat, LH chasing Mike underwater, Don and Mike in Bathroom,Rynokk, Rynokk and Raph Fighting, Gruel, Gruel pickin his teeth, Gruel with Evil electric whip, Turtles and Sp diving from burning Tanker, Winners and Losers of the Big Brawl, Leo Bowing, Leo's assasins, Dom Aligato, Drako, Shadow Warriors, Splinter between two bad guys Commander Mozar assortment

Page 6: LH Crying, Mike and LH Reunite (So touching!), Family movie night (Ultimate Ninja), Layouts of the Lair (with Text!), Lair Interior Designs, Assorted LH pics, Demon Turtles (LH's Nightmare), Pics from Intro, Assorted Intro Shots, TMNT Warehouse, darkness within, Karai vs Robo Karai, Lair pics,Leo under control, Hunted pics (LH), TMNT jump into action (intro), Hun on the Run, Time Travails, Ninja Knights, The Entity Below

Page 7: Renet, Hun on the Run Bishop fight, Hun, Ultimate Drako, Super Turtles, Evil Splinter, Hun on the Run, Hunted, Planet Racers, Ultimate Drako, Same as it never was, 1 arm Mikey, Don pics, injured Leo

Page 8: Shredder strikes back, , pan shots from 'Tales of Leo', 'Garbageman' and 'April's Artifact', Karai from 'Rogue in the house', Leo in Usagi's world, Usagi, Young UN, Mushy reunion pics of Donnie w/ Mike and Raph, OOOLD Daimyo, Usagi Leo and guards, SAINW, Daimyo=Da Vinci, Ultimate Drako Fission, More Leo and Usagi, more Planet Racer stuff

Page 9: Old April and Donnie (sainw), Splinter with the warstaff, Don and them reunite, Young UN and Daimyo reunite, Bishop's Gambit, Sp whackin Mike, Sp passing out, passed out turtles, Fugitoid 2.0, Slayer, Sp vs Bishop fight, Exodus I preview shots, Bishop & Grant, Sp vs Bishop, more Bishop's Gambit, Slayer, Raph and Mike

Page 10:Fugitoid 2.0, SAINW panshots, Don @ Sp's grave, Don meeting April, Saki's surprised face, Sp and Yoshi from Exodus, Golden puck pics, more exodus pics, LH and Don, April and Casey as a waiter, Karai saves saki from turtles&Sp, LH vs foot tech ninja, Sp and Yoshi, April's Dress, Golden puck hockey turtles, Boys in bleachers, Casey hiding between the beds, Tmnt looking for Texans, Casey can't drive.

Page 11:Father and son in Exodus, Leo and Karai from Exodus, more Leo and Karai, Mike and Raph in cart, LH and Don vs Shredder, Previews from Exodus II, Sp vs Uber-shredder, turtles vs shredder, Sp saves mike, gets jolted, Leo vs Karai,

Page 12:Shredder kicks Leo onto Karai's sword, Karai's look of horror, Raph vs Karai, TMNT getting shells handed to them, shredder about to off Leo's head, karai vs shredder, explosion, Intergalactic courtroom, Ch'rell the bubblegum splat, panshots of 'courtroom', Exodus II fightshots, Casey and April, Injured tmnt

Page 13:Leo getting stabbed, injured tmnt, Utrom council, Leo saves Karai, Injured TMNT gather around Sp, Don in Mech suit, lair layout pics, UN, UN & Drako, UN and gyogi, UN and Sp

Page 14: Raph from SAINW, Pic from season 4 preview, Don closeups, sainw Raph vs Karai, Mike's fight and death, Mike vs Raph @ Big Brawl, more SAINW pics,

Page 15:Baby turtles, childhood shots, Cousin Sid shots, injured boys, pissed off Leo, Casey and Sid, Casey's Grampa, more inured boys, Raph in the closet, Mass. Purple Dragons, Case of receipts,

If you want some pics from the new show, just ask, if you want to post a pic, then post it.

Thanks to rayfillet for compiling the first 28 pages of this lengthy index. Also thanks to Mikey|DAH for doing most of the work on here.

Also is a good place to host pics is you're looking.

[Edit by coryroo24: Updated the pages to p.66]
['Nother edit by Machias: Its Done! all dead links have been removed, and older chat has been removed. Carry on.. :D ]

Stone Ill 02-17-2004 10:14 AM

This place already has all (or most) of the screencaps you'll ever want:

coryroo24 02-17-2004 10:31 AM

oh i didn't know about that site.....well if someone wants a screen that isn't on there, then tell me. Thanks for the heads up stoneill

coryroo24 02-17-2004 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by Machias Banshee
ooh, talk about timing....

I"m tryin to get a picture of Yoshi's face.

is this it?

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-18-2004 07:17 AM

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-18-2004 09:36 AM

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-18-2004 12:27 PM


I just couldn't resist. hehe

Hope this helped ya Gremlin!

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-19-2004 12:17 PM
Hope these are ok, let me know if you were looking for something different

just posted these because they're COOL hehe

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-19-2004 04:02 PM

Hope these will work out for ya....

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-20-2004 08:15 AM

Mike's Bandana rip hehe

Sword of tengu
Hamato Yoshi, for you Machi hehe

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-21-2004 05:53 AM

Hope these'll work


Michaelangelo|DAH 02-21-2004 04:19 PM

damn it

just capped

so i'll just post em'

no hard feelings hehe

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-22-2004 04:52 AM

Ohh boy. here we go

Old Nano diff. variants:

Old Harry:

Old Scientist:

New NANO diff. variants:

New Scientist:

New Harry:


April in business:

I allowed myself to cap a picture of Casey and April in LUB hehe:

I'll get some better pics from the new episode soon...

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-22-2004 04:03 PM

THis is the best I can do

The big house:

Cry baby:

I'll have your other requests up by tomorrow or maybe sometime later tonight

[mod edit by Machi:just fixed some addies... ;) love the thread, guys!]

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-22-2004 05:15 PM

Quarry and the whole gang:
Toddler Turtles:

Leo fights elite:

Ohh and thanks Machi...

Whatever you did hihi


it's gettin' late

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-23-2004 08:57 AM

Sensei + Ninja Rats



coryroo24 02-24-2004 09:29 AM

i've never seen that nor do i have it

Michaelangelo|DAH 02-24-2004 12:05 PM

hehe it's ok Mandi-Chan... hehe

Hope these are the ones you were referring to.

Leo through window:

Leo and Raph:

coryroo24 02-24-2004 03:40 PM

Maybe since this has become so popular a mod could sticky this thread. Of course its up to the mod :roll:

Here are the eastman and laird cops[/img]

coryroo24 02-24-2004 04:08 PM

Here are some mouser pics figured I post em before someone asked.

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