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Poweranimals 11-20-2021 12:19 AM

Do we ever find out how April met the Turtles?
That was one thing I was hoping this show would show us since unlike other incarnations they just already knew each other at the start.

neatoman 11-20-2021 08:07 AM

No, the only bit of information we get is that she has "known them for years". I imagine this statement means she met them when they were all still just little kids, her included.

However she met them, it did not involve Baxter Stockman (because he's a child in this and they meet for the first time in his debut episode), Utroms (because we only see a dead one right at the end and in Karai's flashback) or the Foot Clan (because none of them were aware the Foot was still around). I don't like to speculate too much because it could come across as an excuse for bad writing, but I'm guessing their meeting was something like an ET scenario, low conflict cutesy sort of thing.

IndigoErth 11-20-2021 02:07 PM

Sounds like they never bothered to think it through if they shrugged it off as "for years" while wanting to go younger on these characters.

It's odd how a show that tried to change so much of it chose to focus a lot of their attention on really random BS and couldn't be bothered to just work in a flashback to explain that. :tconfuse:

Knowing this show... they prob met over a game of "extreme hopscotch."

Powder 11-20-2021 04:14 PM

Or maybe, since everyone is tired of seeing "firsts" in re-boot stories over & over, they decided to save it for later, but didn't get the opportunity for obvious reasons.

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