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Reinako666 02-21-2021 09:45 AM

The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet
I might as well should start a topic about this, since this has pretty much been a topic ever since 2019.

What is The Mysterious Song you ask? Well, it's a song from the 80s that was taped off from a German radio station back in 1982 or 1984.

The song goes by the following titles, "Like The Wind", "Check It In, Check It Out", and "Summer's Blues".

What does The Mysterious Song sound like? Well, it sounds like this.

I apologize for the pointless link, I was having trouble getting Playback to work.

IMJ 02-21-2021 10:33 AM

Crazy that this is still a thing! Saw this and downloaded the track sometime back.... Crazy that no one has come forward on it. Catchy britpop weirdness.

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