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Monte Williams 09-26-2020 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome (Post 1852513)
wow dude awesome stuff, Shredder looks amazing

Belated thanks! I usually wait to respond to comments until I have new photos to share (an increasingly unnecessary and outdated bit of etiquette, in light of what a ghost town this place has become), and I photographed some toys today for the first time in nearly two months! Between the start of the school year (my district is doing distance learning) and getting evacuated due to the fires (our house is fine, thankfully) and not wanting to go outside due to the lingering smoke, I've been stuck indoors for way too long.

My buddy Jarred (if memory serves, his username here was "killertomato" or "huzzah", but I don't believe he posts anymore) created a rad-and-a-half custom of Doctor El, the elephant witch doctor from the vintage TMNT series. I bought it from him quite some time ago, and finally took it on a shoot today, although I am not happy with the loincloth (my own addition); I'd like to replace it with something more colorful, preferably with some kind of African pattern.

Anyhoo, here is a teaser photo followed by two almost-complete reveals (I kept him masked 'cause I want to save a proper reveal for when I've replaced his loincloth)!

While we're here, I'll share a few shots from just before we were evacuated. First up, I added some Armored Kickass gear to Casey Jones:

And before I sold my ED-209 Mouser, I captured some quick shots of Donatello reprogramming him and sparring with him:

On the topic of sparring:

Finally, I'll close with a black and white alternate shot of the "temple", which is just an aquarium prop:

TheCanadiandrome 09-28-2020 03:28 PM

dude amazing work as always

Monte Williams 10-19-2020 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome (Post 1862534)
dude amazing work as always

Thank you, sir! I've got a few new shots to share.

TheCanadiandrome 10-21-2020 05:24 PM

Glorious dude! talent

Monte Williams 11-17-2020 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome (Post 1865157)
Glorious dude! talent

Thanks so much! Here's a bunch of new stuff!

First off, it appears that Doctor El is expecting Leonardo!

Meanwhile, Donatello got his hands on a vintage 1972 G.I. Joe Adventure Team Mobile Support Vehicle!

And here he is, Jarred Fouche's amazing Doctor El custom!

Leonardo runs afoul of the Faun again:

Raphael versus Krang Prime!
(I titled this one "Traumateyes")

Metalhead 2.0:

That big, green, tank-looking fellow is my lazy kitbash of a 1990 movie-style Metalhead 1.0. I reckon Donnie made 2.0 out of Dimension X parts or something, but even so, he could use a good weathering.

And finally, a friend and former colleague of mine surprised me with a Super 7 Lion-O. Here is a shot of him:

He's a damn magnificent figure, but of course this thread isn't called Geek Creek's All-Purpose Thundercats Kitbashes and Photos Thread, so here's why I mentioned him:

Monte Williams 04-18-2021 01:34 PM

It's been almost six months since I last added to this thread! Here are some updates:

Custom Lionheart courtesy of Jarred Fouche:

What if the Foot Soldiers from the 1990 live-action movie were robots, like they were in the '80s cartoon?

(Sneak-peek at the AMAZING sewer diorama my friend Skot made!)

And to close, a run-in with Lord Simultaneous sent Donnie to the future, Leo to the Horn of Africa in the 1800s, and Raph to the Old West, resulting in a Hensonverse take on the Wacky Wild West Turtles:

Monte Williams 04-18-2021 01:35 PM

Bonus post, 'cause suddenly we're limited to ten images per post...?

Donatello's new hat and mech:

DarkFell 04-18-2021 03:01 PM

Those are some wonderful photos that you took. I like your sense of imagination too.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

frank_one 04-18-2021 05:54 PM

I really appreciate your works. Those b/w shots make my heart melt.

Monte Williams 07-23-2021 08:13 PM

First off, a very, very belated thank you to Frank and Darkfell!!


Originally Posted by frank_one (Post 1889236)
I really appreciate your works. Those b/w shots make my heart melt.


Originally Posted by DarkFell (Post 1889220)
Those are some wonderful photos that you took. I like your sense of imagination too.
Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

I appreciate the kind words, folks!

Now then... lots of new goodness to share!

First off, something I should have shared sooner (I tend to only post photos on Facebook and occasionally Instagram, these days)... proper photos of DONATELLO'S WORK STATION!!! The creation of my talented friend, Skot!

What Skot accomplished with some paint and a few pieces of foam is nothing short of witchcraft! Add in the dozens of accessories he generously included, but the dozens and dozens I'd gathered over the years and received from others, and I like to think Don's station looks suitably cluttered and lived in!

I am so giddy about this diorama!

But now, it's time to shake things up... with another custom of Skot's! He and I went to Robert Louis Stevenson Park last weekend, and he brought his amazing Hensonverse Jennika! Plus an awesome Mythic Legions steed for her to ride!

Moving on, ya know who else is staggeringly talented at the custom game? Tankster Innovations! He recently sold me his kickass Man-Ray aka Ray Fillet for a song, and after several months I finally managed to visit the ocean for a shoot:

For all the beautiful weathering and detail, the base sculpt still suits the cartoon figures best, and I don't collect the toon stuff, but I had to get my hands on this guy!

A few weeks ago, I returned to my old stomping grounds of Twin Falls, Idaho, where I took huzzah's brilliant Lionheart and Doctor El out for their first ever shared portrait:

I also photographed a slightly less ambitious custom beneath the Perrine Bridge, namely my lazy (and strange) Cowabunga Carl kitbash:

More in the next post!

Monte Williams 07-23-2021 08:14 PM

Sheesh, I had to split this update up into two posts!

My primary goal during the trip to Idaho (besides visiting old friends, of course) was to utilize the tank parked out in front of the National Guard as a stand-in for Krang's HQ for a sequence I call Attack the Technodrome:

I'm pretty happy with the sense of scale.

Alright. Whew! We're just about done with this mammoth update.

To close, I want to share three portraits of something that is almost unprecedented in my hobby: a custom I actually painted. Admittedly, it was just a simple paint wash, but it was my first, and it felt rather high-stakes, considering the toy in question cost about $200!

Basically, I popped the head from a Funko Pop Metalhead onto the Titans Return Omega Supreme for a behemoth I call either Metalhead Omega or Mega Metalhead (or, as a friend on Instagram suggested, Metalhead Supreme!):

It was a rushed, sloppy job (I forgot to wipe the paint off his bicep, ha ha), but I'm pretty happy with the final result.

Thank you for still being willing to pay attention to this self-indulgent old thread!

Monte Williams 09-18-2021 11:29 PM

Lazy April kitbash utilizing a NECA Laurie Strode body:

I had an idea, inspired by Turtles Forever, of combining various Aprils in my Hensonverse, but I decided I didn't like the idea enough to spend a lot of money on it, so all I pursued was NECA Hunger Games Rue as the April from Rise of the TMNT (a show I've never even seen, but here we are):

G.I. Joe Sigma Metal Mayhem mech in the sewer lair dio my friend Skot made:

And finally, Super 7 Bebop and Rocksteady, who are perhaps a bit too cartoony for the movie figures (especially Bebop), but they're damn fun toys:

Monte Williams 09-18-2021 11:39 PM


And finally, I added some NECA Power Loader pieces and some old McFarlane X-Files diorama pieces and assorted accessories to my G.I. Joe Adventure Team Mobile Support Vehicle to make it a bit more TMNT-worthy:

Monte Williams 10-05-2021 12:28 AM

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