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heart4turtles 09-16-2005 04:26 PM

Positive for TMNTGal
Big positive for TMNTGal; a great seller! :)

TMNTGal 10-21-2005 07:50 PM

Another positive experience with splinter zombie. Thanks!

GreenWillow 11-18-2005 09:07 PM

~CJJ asked me to let everyone know he's been supplying my Mirage comics for about two years now. Generally good experiences-- I have no idea how many individual transactions it's been, but a *lot*. ;)


***First of Two Latin Kings*** 11-22-2005 06:39 AM

...shoulda counted.

Can you just give me a 15 or 20, TMNTgal? So far it has been something like that.

aramconbrat 05-01-2006 01:54 PM

positive for CJJohn...

aramconbrat 05-01-2006 01:55 PM

also have to give a big positive to Leonardo Mystic! Great people to deal with!

aramconbrat 05-01-2006 05:42 PM

POSITIVE to riseup003

Despite being new to the Technodrome, he was honest, quick to ship (and shipping was affordable and cost me what it cost him) and the toys were exactly as described. Extremely happy!

Leonardo Mystic 05-01-2006 10:03 PM

A great positive to acramconbrat. Wonderful seller, and friendly. Thanks again.

***First of Two Latin Kings*** 05-09-2006 07:45 AM

Another postitive for Aramconbrat-- the figures finally arrived.

Bevandera 06-01-2006 07:38 AM

Positive experience with Splinter Zombie :)

TMNTGal 06-07-2006 08:45 AM

Positive for sai of relief . He's a great buyer and nice person to deal with.

Jed 06-07-2006 10:08 AM

This is really late cause both of the trades were well over a year ago but big positives for aramconbrat, really great to trade with, totally nice and totally helpful, and TMNTGal, really patient when the package got lost and then eventually showed up again aswell as just being cool overall!:D

***First of Two Latin Kings*** 06-27-2006 06:52 AM

Great experience with Bevandera-- hoping to do business with him again in the future!

Now where's MY positive, Bev...?

TMNTGal 07-07-2006 01:15 PM

FYI the feedback listing has undergone a major change. Please refer to the first page of this thread for that info. Thanks.

Bevandera 07-17-2006 05:31 PM

Well, here's one for the new format...HUGE positive feedback for TMNTMan, who tracked down and sent me a S.W.A.T. battle pack :)

Bevandera 07-19-2006 03:39 PM

whoops, second one too: positive for CJJohn, thanks for buying the figure, glad I could help.

TMNTGal 08-15-2006 10:11 PM

Positive for Roseangelo. Thanks for a great trade!

NintendoJovi86 09-22-2006 05:26 PM

Hi, I just wanted to give GREAT feedback to CJJohn. I was DESPERATELY looking for TMNT The Collected Book #7, and he really went out of his way to find one. I gotta say at first I was kind of wondering if he was just out for $$, because that book is so incredibly rare I didn't think it was possible to find one, but he proved me wrong and it is in PERFECT condition and he shipped it LIGHTNING fast, it arrived in only 2 days! So once again thanks SO much CJJohn, now I can continue my TMNT comic collection and if I ever need to find something that is very rare I will for sure let you know! :D

***First of Two Latin Kings*** 09-25-2006 05:58 AM

Positive feedback to NintendoJovi86 for a quick payment, good communication, and a smooth transaction. Look forward to doing business with you again.

***First of Two Latin Kings*** 11-15-2006 06:59 PM

Negative feedback for Leonardo87, who made an offer, said he was sending a money order, and then didn't send it. I have tried to contact him since then and he has simply chosen to ignore me. Don't reserve items for him; he doesn't pay.

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