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Brockon21 04-11-2021 01:53 PM

TMNT Heroclix Video Game Pieces
Hi, everyone!

I’m starting to look for the TMNT Heroclix video game pieces/statues! I have a link here showing what I have. Anyone looking to trade/sell? I’d like to get what I don’t have.


In the above link, there is a Nobody from the Comics Heroclix that I’m willing to trade.

Otherwise, I have tons of rare and not so rare TMNT cards I’d trade in the below link:

Please just let me know or if you have questions! Thank you!

tmntman 04-18-2021 07:05 PM

I still have quite a few extras from when I put my sets together. Here's what I believe I have based on the cards. Let me know if you are interested in any of them and I'll confirm I have all of those.

Series 1
001 Raphael
002 Michelangelo
003 Donatello
004 Leonardo
008 Foot Ninja (bo staff)
010 Foot Ninja (chain kama)x2
011 Splinter
012 Casey Jones
013 Baxter Stockman (human)
015 Alpha One
025 Raphael (modern)

Series 2
002 Michelangelo (Toon)
004 Leonardo (Toon)
005 Casey Jones
006 Foot Ninja (katar)
007 Foot Ninja (3-segment Staff)x2
008 Foot Ninja (shuriken)
009 Foot Ninja (twin katana)
010 Triceraton
011 April O'Neil (Toon)
015 Squirrelanoid
016 Bebop (Toon)
017 Rocksteady (Toon)
018 Shredder (Mirage)

Series 3
001 Raphael (Archie)x2
002 Michelangelo (Archie)
003 Donatello (Archie)
004 Leonardo (Archie)
005 April O'Neil (Archie)
006 Fugitoid (Nick)
007 Foot Tech (katar)
008 Foot Tech (3-segment Staff)x2
009 Foot Tech (shuriken)
010 Foot Tech (twin katanas)x3
011 Casey Jones (Nick)
012 Splinter (Archie)
013 Purple Dragon (IDW)
014 Mohawk Punk (Toon)
005 April O'Neil (Archie)
010 Foot Tech (twin katanas)
015 Kraang (Nick)
016 Bebop:human form (Archie)
017 Rocksteady: human form (Archie)
020 Malo (IDW)
023 Shredder Clone (Mirage)

Series 4
002 Michelangelo (video game)
006 Rock Soldier (1987 Series)
007 Foot Soldier [Axe] (video game)
010 Rocksteady (video game)
011 Stone Warrior (1987 Series)
018 Rocksteady (video game)

wpugh2424 04-18-2021 08:28 PM

Good luck above
If anyone has a near complete collection I am interested in purchasing all

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