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The Great Saiyaman 01-16-2021 11:25 AM

The Dumbest sidekicks in cartoons and comics.
You can see it as a classic double act, the big shot hero and the sidekick who is the voice of reason who brings him down to Human level. But sidekicks are usually much more than that and many of the series' best episodes are about the Sidekicks and their backstory.

But not all sidekicks are talented and heroes in their own, some are just downright stupid. Let's name those.

First up, because I already have Top Cat and Benny and Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, here's another Hanna-Barbera duo Yogi Bear and Boo Boo
That Yogi Bear isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer is pretty much a given and it's also the main plot of the show. But, boy Boo Boo lowers the lat even more. There was this episode (of which I can't remember the title) in which Yogi tries to con visitors of Jellystone park out of their money for them to see a real geyser. The said Geyser being Boo Boo with a water gun in a cone shaped contraption. Boo Boo first of all squirts at the wrong moments but also every single time he squirts, actually comes from underneath the "geyser" to ask Yogi if he did it right that time. Thus blowing the cover off Yogi's scam and not understanding why people keep walking away.
Yes, Boo Boo, that's TOTALLY the right way to free Yogi from this precarious situation.
Well done Boo Boo, you wouldn't want that insect wake Yogi up, would you? :roll:

And second ( come on, they SHOULD be on the list)
Ah yes, Pinky and the Brain, the classic evil super villain who's dimwitted sidekick thwarts all his schemes. There are so many examples of that but Pinky takes the cake.

So who else should be in this list?

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