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sdp 05-28-2021 02:34 PM

3D Printing?
Anyone here into 3D printing? I'm not familiar with it besides all the articles that I've read but nothing beats actually doing the stuff to know what is possible. I've seen some amazing stuff being 3D printed for other franchises like Pokemon and Spawn but now I saw the other day on FB someone doing vintage April with articulation at 4" scale. Looked exactly like her vintage figure sans paint of course.

So is there an active community of these files being shared for people to be printed or was it a one man's hobby only? I know vegita was 3D printing some stuff but I think he was a bit ambitious or his 3D printer was not the best? I always knew 3D printing would be a game changer eventually when it matured, I just didn't know that perhaps all this stuff is already available and I just didn't know.

IMJ 05-28-2021 03:25 PM

I've been interested in getting into 3-D printing for some time, but I need to do the planning for a solid printer at this point. My understanding was that 3-D printing started out as a great file-sharing community, but as people quickly discovered that their designs and templates could make them money, a lot of the more clever stuff dried up. The best 3-D printed item I have come across was a pretty amazing Ecto-1 equipment topper meant to replace the ridiculous chair on the vintage Real Ghostbusters car. It's a pretty incredible 3-D printed piece too.....

You can see it in one of my older displays:

If I had a 3-D printer I'd be working on some MOTU Origins stuff that would probably stir up some interest as far as line and accessory enhancements go. But like I said, I'm at the idea stage, but I haven't bought the printer yet.

TheMasterTurtle 06-07-2021 08:18 AM

I run 2 higher end resin printers.

There’s places where you can find models but very specific stuff you’re bound to be paying for it. There is money to be made and because the modeling or scanning takes time, softwares or hardware costs money, most won’t want to just give the files up.

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