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Mzx10484 11-28-2013 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by Icebot (Post 1183378)
That's one of my favorite songs!

I'm listening to Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles.

There are still people with real taste in music! We're talking about artists who can play an instrument or several - virtuoso !!

MsMarvelDuckie 12-04-2013 08:13 PM

Both great songs! I'm listening to ELO's Fire on High. Such a great instrumental song, from an amazing band!

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-10-2013 02:14 PM

Mzx10484 12-10-2013 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by whatswiththeheadbands? (Post 1187245)

must be an early live version ... I love the powerful Royal Albert Hall version from 2006 !!

Icebot 12-12-2013 02:02 PM

Christmas music:

Do They Know it's Christmas Time by Band Aid.
Happy Xmas by John Lennon and Yoko.
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bruce Springsteen.

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-13-2013 08:43 AM

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-16-2013 10:04 AM

Spoilered due to epicness overload

blindturtle02 12-16-2013 05:03 PM

I'm listening to Shameless, that old country song by Garth Brooks but that's Dirty Blond's fault due to a comment that was made in some other thread about some guy supposedly getting a bunch of money. Now the song is just going to be stuck in my head until I listen to the thing, and I don't even like country lol! I plan on listening to the Oogie Boogie song because of a new dromer's intro title. Otherwise, that one's gonna be stuck in my noggin too. Not sure what my deal is with certainly phrases reminding me of songs today but it's actually kinda cool. Also Listening to some jerk being really rude in the Walmart checkout line. If there was a prize for bein mean, the winner would be him.

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-17-2013 03:04 AM

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-20-2013 07:13 AM

krangsaneurysm 12-20-2013 02:40 PM

Christmas music in the office.. getting into the Holidays spirit lol

Powder 12-20-2013 02:43 PM

blindturtle02 12-20-2013 08:17 PM

Earth Wind and Fire's Let's Groove. I can't help it. Whenever I'm cooking, I feel like having this on in the background at times. Way to go there, Disney.

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-24-2013 02:36 PM

The theme of the nostalgia critic, used in season 6 onwards.

Whatswiththeheadbands? 12-31-2013 12:55 PM

MsMarvelDuckie 12-31-2013 08:08 PM

Whitesnake- "Is This Love" from my TMNT playlist. It's got all kinds of stuff I think they would like, songs that fit their personalities, and music from the movies themselves, along with a few that fit the themes of the cartoons, movies, comics, and some of the better fan-fics I've read. Obviously, this one goes out to Donnie and Mikeyfor their respective crushes!

Whatswiththeheadbands? 01-02-2014 09:41 AM

Whatswiththeheadbands? 01-02-2014 12:51 PM

Powder 01-02-2014 03:17 PM

RaphAndDonnie 01-02-2014 03:52 PM

"Wonderer" by Ensiferium
Wonderful song by a terrific band.

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