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Leo656 07-17-2020 01:04 AM

This little beauty came in the mail today!




This thing is AWESOME! I've seen pics of it out of the package and I can't wait to get it in my hands, maybe tomorrow. But man, this is on another level. For one thing, there's not a ton of Liger figures that exist, anyway, let alone in this scale with that much articulation - lots of Japanese wrestling figures are of the "rubber statue" variety and thus so are most Liger figures - but this thing's got all the swappable hands and such, and even has his cape and harness. Such a slick piece of work!

About $75, I think, but again, there's hardly any Liger figures, AND he just retired, so there won't be too many more in the near future and ALL of them will be Collector's Items. So this one's a bargain at any price and guaranteed to only skyrocket in price. It's rare I'll spend that much on a non-Hogan figure, especially something brand new like this, but under the circumstances I feel like it's a no-brainer.

They have an awesome Black Costume variant but I'm not made of money. I'd love it, though.

Leo656 07-18-2020 02:49 PM

Good day today. Picked up a Jakks TNA Kevin Nash and aClassic Superstars Sunny at the flea market, but the BIG ticket item was a WWF Jakks/LJN "Monster" Ring that I got for under $100!


Note that it is marked $100 but I did not pay $100. I get the "In The Rasslin' Business" discount! :tgrin:

It needs some work done obviously but I'm looking forward to fixing it up. I'm a huge ring mark.

Then when I got home, this was in the mail:

I really loved the Super7 "retro" He-Man figures, and this takes the same idea to the next level! I have a Skeletor on the way, too. It's kinda weird that Mattel did the "Masters of the WWE Universe" wrestling figures first, and THEN these, rather than the other way around, but hey, whatever, it's cool.

Leo656 07-25-2020 02:17 PM

Some hot, HOT pick-ups and mail drops this week! Multiple huge pics, so Spoiler'ed.


I've been after this for YEARS, finally found a halfway decent (if you can call "under $150" that, doggone razza-frazzin'.... :tgrumble:) deal on it. It keeps getting harder to find and frequently goes for $200 and up, now, so when I found one for less than $150 with low shipping I had to jump. I love the little touches, like Warrior's paint being smudged; they easily could have recycled his C.S. Series 1 figure with no alterations but they went the extra mile. Awesome!


Man, do I love these! Such a great blend of the original figures with more modern articulation and poseability. I didn't open this one yet, but I did open the He-Man I got last week and these things are the cat's meow, daddy!

And that brings us to THIS guy:

Dear lord, talk about a figure I never thought would ever even exist, and now it's mine! ALL MINE! I still gotta get Movie Skeletor but Jeebus, what a hot piece!

I am so goddamn hard right now. :lol: Good sh*t, pal!

Leo656 07-30-2020 10:04 AM

Not "purchased", but didn't know where else to post about it.

Was cleaning out the screenhouse, re-packing some boxes, and I found a lot of in-package figures I forgot about. The big ones were:

- 2002 Masters of the Universe 20th Anniversary Commemorative Series He-Man and Battle Cat Two-Pack

- 2002 Masters of the Universe 20th Anniversary Commemorative Series 5-Pack

- NECA Mirage TMNT Leonardo

I knew I had at least one of the He-Man sets, but I didn't know it was those specifically! WOW! And I didn't think I had ANY of the NECA TMNT figures, I'unno how that slipped my mind!

But yeah, great finds. It's amazing what you find when you clean.

Leo656 08-01-2020 04:25 PM

CRAZY day today between mail, the flea market, and f*cking Walmart. Glad my wife gets paid on Monday. :lol:

Pics are huge. Dumb phone.

- The stickers for my WWF Jakks/LJN ring came in the mail a few days ago, and the ropes finally came today. So I can finally get it cleaned up and looking better than new!

- Also in the mail, a Superman figure I always wanted but missed when it was new, the original Mattel DC Super-Heroes figure.

- Got a ton of stuff cheap at the flea market, on account'a they love me! Picked up some DC Total Justice & Legends of the Dark Knight figures, including Hawkman, Despero, and The Penguin. Always wanted these!

- Also at the flea market: WWE Classic Superstars Nikolai Volkoff, Star Wars Jar-Jar Binks and Luke/Leia two-pack, and I also picked up The Jungle Book for SNES because why not.

- Last of the flea market stuff, WWF LJN Brutus Beefcake, Mean Gene, and Bobby Heenan, and a couple of AWA Remco Stan Lane figures. They were cheap so I might use the duplicate for something else.


You might THINK that would be huge in itself, and on a normal day you'd be right! BUT! I then went to Walmart for groceries, and as usual I checked the toy aisle on my way out even though they almost never have anything good lately. But as I turned around, I walked right into the ENTIRE new Hasbro GHOSTBUSTERS wave! I couldn't believe it!!!

So yeah, awesome day. :lol: I got stuff still coming in the mail, but good Lord, this was ridiculous.

Leo656 08-02-2020 08:40 PM


Up first, everyone's favorite Thundercat Ho (I'm sorry, it's just TOO easy :lol:), Cheetara! Specifically, the Funko "Savage World" Cheetara from the short-lived line a couple years ago. These are all still really cheap and easy to find. Only need a couple more!

And then the BIG one... MORE than Man... MORE than LIFE... it's the Super7 "Dark Despot" Skeletor from the classic film! :tgrin:

More stuff is coming this week. I thought I was done for the week, BUT apparently the AEW figures hit Walmart tomorrow, so I might need to dig a deeper hole. :ohwell: We'll see.

Someone else please post. I feel like an asshole. :lol:

Leo656 08-03-2020 06:36 PM

So there were some deep stains that even repeated soaks in OxiClean and laying out in the sun all day wouldn't pull up, and a few nicks and scratches, but I finally finished restoring my Jakks/LJN WWF ring today! Soaked it, scrubbed it, scraped the old stickers off with an ice scraper, buffed the glue residue off with a wire brush, slapped the new stickers on, strung the new ropes, and DONE! I much prefer the classic PPV logos over the stickers that the 1996 version of this ring came with, and the new ropes are thicker and brighter, too. I love how it came out!

I'm hoping to pick up another Jakks/LJN ring in the near future so I can do a Saturday Night's Main Event ring! I got the stickers from LJN Wrestling Superstars on Facebook. If you have an old ring like this you wanna fix up, they're your go-to! Highest possible recommendation! You can get new stickers and new ropes for about $15 each.

We also filmed some stuff so hopefully it'll be up in a few days.

Leo656 08-03-2020 09:03 PM

Whew, today might be my single-best mail drop in history! Truly, truly epic stuff!

First up, we have the Super7 "Ultimate Edition" Filmation He-Man and Skeletor!!!

Holy SH*T, I love these figures! I mean, I love ALL my He-Man and Skeletor figures, but these are easily two of the best ever! They're cartoon-perfect down to the last detail... those alternate heads, those weapons, all the little details... absolutely perfect!

Still on the hunt for the original MattyCollector He-Man and Skeletor figures at a cost I won't regret... and I still need the original Mattel Skeletor from the 80s, which has somehow always eluded me... but I'm really close to caught up on He-Man and Skeletor figures!

Aside from that, we have THESE beauties to add to my Superman collection!

Specifically, we got Mattel DC Multiverse "Justice League" Superman, DC Direct "History of the DC Universe" Superman, Mattel "DC Super-Heroes" Superman (loose), and Mattel "DC Multiverse" Walgreen's Exclusive Bizarro!

Needed to add these to my Superman collection for quite a long time! Great to finally have 'em!

ZariusTwo 08-04-2020 01:41 AM

That ring looking LIT mate:o:D

Leo656 08-04-2020 03:41 AM

Thanks! Ain't it, though? I'm in love with it.

I mean it wasn't in terrible shape to start with, other than the scuffs and the scratched-up stickers, and the dirty, loose ropes. But if given the choice, the 1996-era stickers it came with HAD to go! Vintage-Era all the way! :tgrin:

I've got my eye on the black-colored reissue ring from a year or two later. That would look really, really slick with some old-school logos on it.

My buddies from the flea market might be hooking me up with a vintage LJN ring and cage; that's gonna be a hit but hopefully we can work something out!

Bit the bullet and picked up some high-end items I needed for my collection, as well as a bunch of cheap $10-15 stuff. So next week should be pretty good as well!

Leo656 08-10-2020 10:55 PM

I let the mail pile up so I could have a little extra fun. Got some AWESOME stuff this past week!

First up, one I had and one I've been needing my whole life... I picked up a spare DC Direct Superman from the 2005 series, but the real story is the original Kenner "DC Super-Powers Collection" Superman! Believe it or not, this one always slipped through my fingers... until NOW!

Next, Hasbro's "DC Super-Heroes" Superman vs. Metallo set! The Metallo figure could ONLY be found in this set from the short-lived Hasbro line!

Some choice figures from the 1995 Kenner "Superman: The Man of Steel Collection"! This was only the THIRD Lex Luthor figure released between 1985 and 1995, as well as the VERY FIRST long-hair Superman and "Recovery Suit" Superman! I love this line!

Next, a little Blast from the Past, with Flash, Riddler and Penguin from the 1989 Toy Biz DC Super-Heroes line! They essentially just re-used the molds from Kenner's "Super-Powers" figures, but I didn't care then and I don't care now! A short-lived but GREAT series of DC figures, the last "real" DC set we'd get for almost 10 years until the "Total Justice" line!

Lest we forget about the Dark Knight, here's some awesome Batman stuff! Specifically, "Crusader Batman" and "KnightsEnd Batman" from the awesome Kenner "Legends Of Batman" series, AND the FIRST-EVER Tim Drake Robin figure ever from the Kenner "Batman Returns" line! No, Robin wasn't in the movie, but he WAS in the script before they cut him. Tim Drake was HOT at that moment in time, having just debuted shortly before, and every kid wanted his figure, so Kenner fudged a few things and put him in the movie line just to get him out there for the people! You couldn't find these back in the day, everyone had to have it! The Jean-Paul "Azrael" Batman was also hot, as this was his first-ever figure, too! I still don't know why they switched "KnightQuest" and "KnightsEnd" Batman around for the branding of these figures, but whatever, they're great!

Next up, 6-inch Lion-O and 8-inch Tygra from the short-lived 2011 Bandai "Thundercats" series! THe guy screwed up and sent me this Lion-O instead of the 8-inch "Classic" one, but y'know what? It's no big deal because I didn't have this one anyway! I'll take the win!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, three figures I've been DYING to get my hands on. First, the ORIGINAL 1980s Skeletor figure, which somehow eluded me as a kid until I found a great one Loose/Complete with only some minor sword scuffing which I can sand down. But also, after over 10 years of heartbreak and despair, I FINALLY can call the 2008 Mattel "Masters of the Universe Classics" He-Man and Skeletor my very own! Those who know me well know how badly I've wanted these, and no, they were not cheap, but they're finally MINE! "Let the Power RETURN!!!"

F*cking AWESOME! :tgrin: Some huge holes in the collection, FINALLY filled... and more on the way!

TMNTFanatic4Life 08-11-2020 06:36 PM

The Mcfarlane Johh Stewart Green Lantern fig. I always wanted one of them and it looked so good so I grabbed it from Walmart. I also have the 1984 Wonder Woman and Gold Armor one. I'm not going to collect the whole line but I will try to get just the figures from animated shows and movies...I'm eyeing the non blue Chase Batman Animated one next. I have a Batman/Phantasm 2 Pack but the Mcfarlane Batman looks so good.

I'm on the fence for Green Arrow and Superman since I have 5 Green Arrows from the DC Collecitbles TV line and a Animated Superman/Lois 2 pack.

Leo656 08-11-2020 06:41 PM

Ah, that's neat, thanks for sharing! Glad I'm not the only one at the "party" for once. :tgrin:

The regular Wonder Woman looks seriously great, but I haven't opened it yet. Not super interested in the armor one.

I definitely think that if you're even considering the McFarlane animated Superman and/or Batman then you probably should get them. They're pretty good, mine just don't stand up on their own for sh*t, but there's ways around it and other people swear they have better luck with them.

Feel free to share pics, I didn't know they'd done a John Stewart. Kinda behind on newer DC figures since I've been chasing down so many older ones!

TMNTFanatic4Life 08-11-2020 07:19 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Lol I dunno what happened to my pic. I took it straight and uploaded from phone to here and its flipped to the left. I post the same way on other sites and thry come out straight.

Autbot_Benz 08-11-2020 07:38 PM

Guess I didn't post it when I bought it but added to my DC Funko pop collection I got Wonder Woman with Lasso from 1984 movie

Leo656 08-11-2020 07:42 PM

I'm far more interested in the Ash collection, personally. :lol:

Autbot_Benz 08-11-2020 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by Leo656 (Post 1857007)
I'm far more interested in the Ash collection, personally. :lol:

that's fine one on the left is the ultimate Evil Dead 2 Ash middle is the 8 inch clothed Evil Dead 2 Ash and one on the far right is Ash Vs Evil Dead Ash.Not in that picture are my NECA Bill and Ted figures and Neca Batman 1989

Leo656 08-11-2020 08:03 PM

I think all I have is the McFarlane Ash vs. Evil Ash from like forever ago. :ohwell:

Autbot_Benz 08-17-2020 11:46 AM

Got another NECA figure today and its everyone's favorite painter Bob Ross. This figure is amazing he comes with his easel a painted canvas his paint palette his brushes.

Leo656 08-17-2020 11:49 AM

:lol::lol::lol: That's awesome.

I got a bunch of stuff this past week but I been too busy/lazy to take pictures yet.

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