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Autbot_Benz 08-17-2020 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by Leo656 (Post 1857805)
:lol::lol::lol: That's awesome.

I know its the action figure you didn't know you needed.

Leo656 08-18-2020 01:18 AM

Have a ton of stuff piling up. We really gotta try and get the laptop we use for editing stuff running again so I can pop some of 'em for my YouTube gimmick.

Anyways, lots of different stuff this week so far. First up, Racer X from the ReSaurus "Speed Racer" line!

This dude's awesome. The only two figures I have from this set are him and Speed, so far. I really need to get the rest of the line! Thankfully it's small and fairly cheap to collect, but I haven't gotten to it just yet. I'm a huge Speed Racer fan; these figures are very simple, but unfortunately they're pretty much still the best we've gotten for Speed. At least they all come with awesome accessories!

Next up, we have Lips and Influence from the Playmates "Dick Tracy" line!

I'm getting close to finishing this series as best as possible. I only need Flattop, Brow, Mumbles, and The Blank; I know I'll probably never own The Blank, given that I see that one for $1000-3000. BAH! Even the vehicles are fairly cheap to come by but Blank is just ridiculous.

Next, I'm still filling in the remainder of my Kenner "Total Justice" and Kenner/Hasbro "JLA"series. First up, the very first figures ever released of Parallax (Hal Jordan) and Kyle Rayner!

Interestingly, when Hasbro acquired Kenner (and in turn, the DC license), they not only used the "Kenner" name for the first waves of the JLA line, but most of the figures were simply repainted versions of the ones released in the "Total Justice" line. You'll notice that the two Kyle's are very similar, but have some obvious differences. The JLA Kyle has a brighter green color and more of a "clean" white for the chest area, but the earlier version looks pretty cool with its more silver-looking chest, and with the Lantern-inspired figures like Kyle and Parallax, the goofy weapons and armor from "Total Justice" actually make sense! So I feel the earlier Kyle has some advantages, but they're really great either way! And that Parallax is GREAT for the first-ever figure of such an iconic character (Hal had a few earlier figures as Green Lantern, but this was the first Parallax figure). These figures are simple and limited in many ways, but they were INCREDIBLE for the time they came out!

Sticking with Green Lantern, we have two totally different kinds of figures from two totally different lines with essentially the same name! 1990's Toy Biz "DC Comics Super-Heroes" Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and the Hasbro "DC Super-Heroes" Armored Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) vs. Dr. Polaris!

The Toy Biz series mostly just borrowed wholesale the sculpts from the famous Kenner "Super-Powers" line, but the accessories do a good job of setting this Hal apart from the earlier one, despite being practically identical otherwise. I just need Hawkman and Aquaman, and I'll have this entire series!

The Hasbro two-packs are interesting and confusing. They were released under the "DC Super-Heroes" branding, which was primarily focused on a very short-lived line of much larger, 7+-inch single-packed figures. These two-packs, which were few in number, were more directly in scale with the cancelled "JLA" line from the year before, and each one contained a resculpt/repaint of an earlier figure, as well as a brand-new one that was never released in the JLA line, Dr. Polaris in this case. I'm not sure why these "JLA"-style figures were released under the "DCSH" branding, unless Hasbro just wanted ALL their DC toys to have one singular title regardless of scale (they also did a short set of 9-inch Mego-inspired figures with cloth costumes. also under the DCSH branding). Sadly, the entire line lasted about a year, with only a few of these two-packs and about six single-packed 7-inch figures. Bummer. At least it's easy to collect them all!

The Kyle in the two-pack LOOKS like mostly a simple repaint with some new parts added, but he's actually a new sculpt from his earlier figure, as his hands, stance, and hair are all very slightly different.

Next up, more Kenner "Total Justice" with The Flash (Wally West) and Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)!

There's a TON of first-ever figures in this line! These two fly under the radar and are very cheap to get, but this was the first-ever Connor Hawke figure, and the first Flash to be very clearly based on Wally West. The 1989 Toy Biz figure was probably based on Wally, and I think his character card says so, but he was still wearing Barry's costume and the figure was a re-issue of the "Super-Powers" Barry Allen figure with nothing changed. The angular lightning belt gives it away that this is very obviously Wally as Flash! Like Kyle, these two would be re-released under the "JLA" line with new paint jobs (and the goofy armor/accessories swapped out for a simple "JLA" base stand); I actually like that Flash a little better, as it swaps the yellow paint deco for gold, but I don't have that one yet.

Vintage meets Modern with these next two: Kenner "DC Super Powers" Lex Luthor in the first-ever figure depicting him in his iconic Battle Armor, and the DC Direct "Crisis On Infinite Earths" version from 2007! The evolution is amazing!

These are actually replacements for two figures I already had; I somehow lost the armor on my vintage Lex a long time ago, and the DC Direct one had a leg snap off. So I found these two fairly cheap and jumped!

Continuing on, I've filled in almost all the holes in my list of characters from the Kenner "Superman: The Man of Steel" Collection! I've got the last of the single-packed villains in Conduit, and the "Cyber-Link" Superman & Batman two-pack!

1994-1997 was actually an exciting time to collect DC, albeit in brief spurts, because across several short-lived lines we got a TON of first-ever figures for many characters! That list continues with Conduit, who really to date still hasn't had a lot of figures made; in fact, this first one might be the only one, off the top of my head, but he definitely deserves more.

I'm not very big on variants, but any Superman/Batman two-pack is worth picking up. This was the only one they released in America, but they did three more Superman/Batman sets that only came out in Canada, which included repackaged figures from the "Legends of Batman" line in a neat bit of cross-pollination between DC lines under Kenner.

The only figures I'm missing from this line are variant figures of Superman, Steel, and the Superman/Massacre two-pack. I still need the vehicles they came out with, too, but that'll be in good time. All the non-Batman DC lines in the 90s were very short-lived, but they were all great!

Speaking of the "Legends of Batman" line, we have the only "basic" Joker to come from the mostly-"Elseworlds" themed series. Along with that, there's the first Michelle Pfieffer Catwoman from the Kenner "Batman Returns" line!

I don't have most of the "Batman Returns" line yet, but Catwoman is easy to get and a good "core" figure to pick up.

The Joker figure is "okay", but I don't love the accessories or the hairstyle. Most of this series was variant versions of popular characters, but most of the main cast had at least one totally "iconic" figure of them in their basic look, and this Joker just slightly misses the mark for me. It's fine, just not perfect. It would have to do, as this was the only "basic" Joker in this scale for a very long time.

I'm gonna end up going over the Image limit, so I'll split this here.

Leo656 08-18-2020 02:00 AM

Part 2

Speaking of "Iconic" looks in the Kenner "Legends of Batman" series, here we have "KnightQuest Batman" in the red and gold armor, looking uncannily perfect for this period... kind of.

...It's only NOT "perfect" because for some reason Kenner switched the proper titles around with their "KnightQuest" and "KnightsEnd" Batman figures. The figures themselves are totally comic-accurate - AND, once again, the first-ever figures released for those versions of the characters - they just got the names reversed somehow. Very annoying, but awesome figures!

You better believe there's more Batman! Specifically, two different takes on the classic "Caped Crusader" blue and gray look: Hasbro's "DC Super-Heroes" and the Kenner/Hasbro "JLA" releases!

The "JLA" Batman is missing the trunks, but otherwise it's just about perfect for the style. The "DC Super-Heroes" figure is damn close to spot-on! It's too bad the line didn't last longer, they were basic but looked pretty cool, and were some of the first mainstream figures in their size and scale.

Continuing the VERY short-lived Hasbro "DC Super-Heroes" line, we have two more Big Guns, Superman and the Joker!

Both figures are pretty great, and once again it's a real shame the line didn't last longer (SIX figures! SIX!). That is a VERY awesome Joker figure, so far one of my favorites ever. Really great stuff for the late-90s! I really love looking closely at all the evolution in these different series over the years.

Finally, we have some key additions to the He-Man collection! On the "Modern Retro" side of things, we have the vintage-style Super7 "Filmation Masters of the Universe" cartoon versions of Man-At-Arms and She-Ra in the 1980s scale. But then, we have another long-overdue addition to the ORIGINAL Mattel "Masters of the Universe" collection... Mer-Man!

I love ALL the different He-Man/MOTU series of figures, but I gotta say that I really admire the Super7 Filmation stuff. Obviously the 7-inch scale, multi-articulated figures are "better", but these cartoon-style 5-inch figures? These are the ones I WISHED that I had when I was 5. Don't get me wrong, I had the original Man-At-Arms and loved it to death - I actually have a replacement on the way as my original is pretty beat up - but I always noticed the differences between the toy and cartoon versions of most characters, and I would have gone nuts for these exact figures back then if they'd existed. He looks exactly like the cartoon!

I'm very slightly less in love with the She-Ra, just because they went all-in on the sort of "baby doll" face with sort of puffy cheeks, and I'm not a huge fan since other women in the same line looked better. But she's fine, she fits in alright with both these and the original MOTU figures, flaws and all. So I really can't complain too much. I do have a larger-scale, more cartoon-accurate Super7 She-Ra on the way as well. I'm trying to get the main characters in every available scale and work backwards from there. The 5-inch Filmation line only had about 30 characters and they're all only about $20 each, so again, it's not a hard line to collect and if you already collect the original MOTU line, many of them fill in some huge character gaps in that particular series! I have a couple more on the way of this series as well.

With He-Man/MOTU stuff, right now I'm trying to get one of each or at least most of the different series - Original, MOTU Classics, Super7 7-inch, Super7 5-inch, and the new MOTU "Origins" - as often as possible. I have a few holes in my Original Series set - and most of Series 6 and 7 are just gonna have to be a wish, because they're hundreds of dollars each even loose, most times - but there are about a dozen more figures I need that are in the under-$50 range, at least. Mer-Man is one I somehow missed early on, and I don't think he had a reissue later like He-Man, Skeletor and Faker did. Regardless, he's one I always wished I had, so I'm thrilled to finally have him, and in such great shape!

I'm pretty close to completing several lines, now: Toy Biz "DC Super-Heroes", Kenner "Man of Steel", Kenner "Total Justice", and Hasbro "DC Super-Heroes", primarily. I don't really go in for variants much, but there really aren't that many in those lines and they're all cheap so I probably will, just to have complete sets.

The only MOTU set I can complete without losing a kidney will probably be the Super7 5-inch Filmation stuff, just because it only had a short run and the figures are so inexpensive. With both the MattyCollector and Super7 7-inch figure sets having lots of them that run almost $200, a lot of those are gonna have to wait a long time. Although I plan to pick up a few less-popular (and cheaper) figures here and there when I can. I'm trying to get in on the ground floor of this new "Origins" series from Mattel, too. I think they're great! My Birthday's coming up and my wife wasn't sure what to get me; I've been hinting about all the new "Origins" figures coming out, and if she just got me a bunch of those I definitely would not complain!

TMNTFanatic4Life 08-20-2020 01:32 PM

Within the last week I have obtained the Mcfarlane Animated Batman and Superman plus Arrowverse Green Arrow! I keep in box but the paintjobs on these are so eye popping and sharp and I do like the collector cards as a nice bonus.

Wonder Woman 1984 Regular and Golden Armor
Green Arrow
Animated Green Lantern, Batman and Superman

Along as they make more Animated or Live action TV Show or Movies, I will get them. Only interested in those.

And I know there is a blue Cape variant for the animated Batman but it's a no from me. I'm not digging that look lol

Autbot_Benz 08-20-2020 03:29 PM

Another DC pop for my funko collection. I got The Flash from the CW show. I like that he is in the running pose

TMNTFanatic4Life 08-20-2020 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by Autbot_Benz (Post 1858281)
Another DC pop for my funko collection. I got The Flash from the CW show. I like that he is in the running pose

Very cool!

I have all of the Arrowverse Pops, including Black Lightning.

And I recently added the PX Previews Batwoman which matches up well with the Arrowverse pops.

Leo656 08-22-2020 09:21 PM

Tons of great new stuff this past week!

First up, we get a little closer to finishing the Kenner "Total Justice" series with Darkseid, and I also picked up a replacement Batman from the Kenner "Dark Knight Collection", as I lost the cape from my original one.

I can't stand that Darkseid's claw gimmick is a permanent part of his arm. I always loved this Batman as a kid, though, because it was the only "Keaton" Batman that had the colors of his comic book costume!

Moving on, two more additions to the Hasbro "DC Super-Heroes" line, with Captain Marvel/"Shazam" and Superman Blue!

These are pretty much the two worst figures in the line. Superman Blue by existing, but if you notice, that whole Captain Marvel figure simply doesn't fit this series at all! The scale is all wrong and there's barely any articulation. Love to know what happened there! Neither is a "terrible" figure but I'm disappointed that Cap doesn't really fit in well. Ah well!

Anyways, I finally picked up the 8-inch Bandai "Thundercats Classics" Lion-O, to go with the Tygra I got a couple weeks ago:

Great-looking figures, but man, what odd choices. Why 8-inch scale? Who does 8-inch scale? They don't fit with like, anything at all. They sure do look great, though. Too bad they're the only two characters.

I stopped by the flea market today and got some great stuff as well. I'm now 99% complete with the Kenner "Total Justice" line after picking up this Batman and Robin - there's still one Batman I need to pick up - and I finally remembered to pick up this DC Direct "Teen Titans" Wonder Girl!

My urgency for these two "Total justice" figures was very low, because I already have the Robin from the "JLA" series later on, which was identical minus the armor and weapons, and the "Total Justice" Batman figures are just plain hideous. BUT, they were super cheap so I had to grab 'em! All I'm missing are the one Batman and two mail-away figures I don't care much about.

I've been wanting that Wonder Girl for a long time, though. Here's hoping she doesn't crumble when I take her out of the package, as some DC Direct figures are known for doing after many years in plastic!

ALSO from the flea market, I picked up these two gems: DC Direct "Arkham City" Batman in his classic blue-and-gray, and Mattel "DC Universe Classics" New 52 Superman!

I'd never seen that Batman variant before! I don't have any of the "Arkham" figures from DC Direct but that one just jumped off the rack at me. I also don't care much for New 52 Superman, but it's a Superman figure I didn't have and it was fairly cheap, so y'know. It's a great figure, it's just not my preferred look.

One more hot pick-up from the flea market, and the whole reason I left the house today: Mattel's "Masters of the Universe Origins" Sky Sled with Prince Adam figure!

This thing's sweet! You can swap the head and the deco on the sides, and it's suddenly a vehicle for the bad guys. Neat! I'm in love with MotU Origins so far. Hopefully I can get everything that comes out!

And finally, the last of my mail, with MORE great He-Man stuff! Specifically, Mattel's "Masters of the Universe Classics" He-Ro II (Son of He-Man), Super7 "Club Grayskull" She-Ra, and the original Mattel Man-At-Arms! My old one was missing most of his armor so I snagged this guy pretty cheap. Awesome!

I'm really blown away by everything about these "Club Grayskull"/"Classics" figures that Super7 put out. Even the packaging is terrific!

And MAN, I just don't see how anyone could do a better She-Ra than THAT!

F*ck that stupid reboot, man. THAT is the "Princess of Power", in all her glorious majesty.

So yeah, great sh*t this week, more on the way.

D Piddy 1982 08-24-2020 09:38 AM

Received a few things in the post in the last week.

All 4 Plasma Series Ghostbusters. Really nice little figures, have that feel of a proper solid "toy" about them. Likenesses are great too, especially Egon and Ray. Annoying that I need to get Dana and Zuul (sp?) to complete the terror dog. They might have me on that, I will probably end up getting them...

Also received the GI Joe retro Snake Eyes. Got Storm Shadow on order too. Haven't had any Joe stuff since I was a kid, so looking forward to opening these up when I get a moment.

Also recently got the NECA Jungle Patrol Dutch (no packaging) and also Lt Ellen Ripley (MIB).

To finish off this post I also got a used Transformers Earthrise Wheeljack off eBay.

Leo656 08-24-2020 03:11 PM

I was lucky enough to find all six Ghostbusters figures at Walmart, so that was awesome. The only thing killing me, is that only Winston comes with a proton beam for his Neutrona Wand, and that it's not even super-duper accurate (although it does look cool).

I ordered some custom proton beams from a guy off eBay that look pretty cool, they haven't arrived as yet though. But if you're interested, that's a thing that's out there. :)

D Piddy 1982 08-26-2020 04:12 AM


Originally Posted by Leo656 (Post 1859042)
I was lucky enough to find all six Ghostbusters figures at Walmart, so that was awesome. The only thing killing me, is that only Winston comes with a proton beam for his Neutrona Wand, and that it's not even super-duper accurate (although it does look cool).

I ordered some custom proton beams from a guy off eBay that look pretty cool, they haven't arrived as yet though. But if you're interested, that's a thing that's out there. :)

I wonder/hope if Hasbro might release an accessories pack, with extra proton beams and open and closed traps.

I didn't plan to get Dana and Zuul but now I have the 4 legs of the Terror Dog it seems a shame to waste them :)

Leo656 08-26-2020 03:10 PM

Oh, that'd be awesome.

In the meantime, the proton streams came today, and they're really neat! They seem like something someone could do themselves at home easily enough with coiled colored wire, but I just can't be bothered. :trazz: They DO look just like the movie, though, and they're slightly extendable which is nice. Like you can very gently extend or retract them for a slightly longer/thinner or shorter/"fatter" stream. That's pretty cool!

I recommend picking them up if you're like me and can't be assed to make your own. They weren't that pricey and they do look very cool.

Leo656 08-29-2020 03:26 PM

Here's the only reason I left the house today... Mattel's "Master of the Universe Origins" BATTLE CAT!!!

Damn, I love these. It has articulation! :lol: I still have my old "chunk of hollow plastic" original but I couldn't pass this up.

I got a ton more stuff in the mail this week but I'll get to it later.

Leo656 08-31-2020 12:03 AM

Alright, a bunch more stuff this week.

First up... Nothing But Aquaman! Specifically, Toy Biz "DC Super-Heroes", DC Direct "JLA Series 1", and Kenner "Total Justice" Aquaman!

These were relatively cheap. I skipped on the original DC Direct JLA single-card figure back in the day because I'd picked up the "JLA Box Set" that came with Hook-Hand Aquaman instead. I already have the Gold Armor variant of "Total Justice" Aquaman and so I wasn't in a hurry to pick up the Black Armor one, BUT it was in a bundle with the Toy Biz Aquaman for a lot less than that single figure usually goes for so it was a bargain.

Next up, more DC Direct, with Superman Series 2 Supergirl (Linda Danvers) and DC Icons Lex Luthor!

I don't know how I ever missed picking up that Supergirl, as I always really, really wanted it. Package was damaged and half-opened so I got it cheap. Figure is in great shape and that's all I ask. Not my favorite version of Lex's Battle Armor, but I've been accumulating Battle Armor Luthor figures lately so I knew I needed that one.

Shifting gears a bit, here we have some more Bandai "Thundercats Classics" Collector's Series figures, with Mumm-Ra and Lion-O in 6-inch scale!

Just like the 8-inch Lion-O and Tygra figures, these were the ONLY two figures in this specific series that Bandai ever released. And that's a real shame because I would have loved to have the main cast at least. Ah well. These have almost the same amount of articulation as the 8-inch figures and are very cool.

Still adding some missing figures to my original series Mattel "Masters of the Universe" collection... Clawful and Beast Man have joined the battle!

Beast Man is a little chipped up on the face but I can fix that easy. The real trick was finding him loose/complete with full armor! Not sure how I never got Clawful, but back in the day I did have Beast Man until my sister threw him out a window and we couldn't find him after that. Ah well.

From Classic to "Classic-Inspired", we have some of the awesome Filmation-inspired Super7 "Masters of the Universe" line: Orko, Hordak, and Prince Adam!

I must say I really love all the little differences between these figures and the 1980s originals, from sculpts to color schemes to accessories. Really awesome.

Still in the same series, Trap Jaw and Mer-Man!

Again, I love all the little differences. For fun, check out the original Mattel Mer-Man side-by-side with his Filmation Super7 counterpart!

Finally, we have two in a more modern scale. Mattel's "Masters of the Universe Classics" Battleground Teela, and Super7 "Club Grayskull" Filmation Prince Adam!

These are awesome. You can't see but the Adam figure even comes with an alternate "Transforming" Power Sword with lightning and sh*t. Really cool! Admittedly, this was not my first choice of Teela figure for either the "Classics" or "Club Grayskull" lines, but it was the only one I could afford at the moment. The Classics and Filmation Teela both hover between $150-200 generally, so I might have to wait on those for a while, sadly.

That's it for this week!

Autbot_Benz 09-07-2020 05:29 PM

Marvel Legends X-men Movie 20th Anniversary Amazon Exclusive Hugh Jackman Wolverine. (he comes with Bone claws which are exclusive)

Shark_Blade 09-08-2020 12:40 AM

SH Figuarts Pokemon

Leo656 09-10-2020 03:40 AM

I got a bunch of stuff this past week at the flea market and in the mail, so let's get to it!

First up, some cool random sh*t I found at the flea market on Saturday:

- "Swashbuckling" Peter Pan from the Mattel "Hook" series. I liked the movie just fine as a kid, but never bought any of the toys. They seemed to come and go very quickly. This was on the wall at the flea market forever and they had moved it up closer to the register as if they were desperate to be rid of it already, so this was kind of a "Pity Buy". With my discount I probably actually got it for free if we wanna get technical.

- Scott Hall from the very questionable Original San Francisco Toymakers "WCW Monday Nitro" series. One of those infamous "vibrating" figures that nobody can figure out. Awful likeness and the "action feature" is ridiculous, BUT it was the first WCW figure of Scott Hall so it has some historical value. The OSFT WCW line isn't very big so I've gotten back into collecting it. None of the OSFT products were great but there's a certain charm to them anyway. Shockingly, the "vibrate" feature still works like new!

- Mattel "WWE Elite" series Miss Elizabeth! This was the main thing I went in for; I actually don't collect a ton of the Mattel WWE figures, only specific characters I'm after. But to my knowledge this is only the third Liz figure EVER produced by any company (Maybe I'm off by ONE or so) and she's always therefore hard to come by. Great recreation of her in her SummerSlam '88 attire, where she distracted DiBiase and Andre by removing her skirt to reveal her red bikini briefs, allowing Hulk and Macho Man to score a victory. Quite a shocking moment from the normally-demure Miss Liz!

- Kenner's "Legends of Batman" "Laughing Man" Joker. Another sort of "Pity Buy". I mostly have all the LoB figures I care about by now, because most of the line was crappy variants (They don't even have a "plain" Robin!) outside of a few key figures. But this was another one that's been collecting dust for years upon years, and it's honestly one of the less-offensive variants, so I said f*ck it. If I happen upon the other Pirate-themed figures from the set, I might pick them up for the sake of consistency, but otherwise I think I'm done with "Legends of Batman".

Next, another pick-up from the same flea market store...

- LJN WWF Greg "The Hammer" Valentine! Like most places, they always have a ton of beat-up LJN WWF figures for sale. This one needed a little touching up, as they all do, but aside from some chips and rub marks it wasn't in too bad of shape to begin with. I know it's "blasphemous" to some, but I can't stand having dirty or chipped-up figures on display, so I retouch mine. Hot bath, a scrub with some nail polish remover, and some black acrylic paint, and he looks like he just came out of the package!

There's another place at the flea market I started going to as well, since they have a larger selection of DC figures. That's where I picked up this guy:

- Mattel "DC Universe Classics" Superboy Prime! Right off the bat, I gotta say I still prefer the DC Direct version. This one has a weird face and head, his ears stick out too far, he's WAY too tall and lanky and his armor could use more detail. But, it's not a bad figure altogether and as I'm slowly getting into collecting the Mattel DC line he's a good pick.

That's it for stuff I got at the flea market. On to the mail!

- The Brow from Playmates "Dick Tracy" series. These are getting harder to collect now that I'm down to the last few I need - Flattop, Mumbles, Rodent, and of course The Blank, who I doubt I'll ever own because I don't think I'm EVER gonna drop two grand on a f*cking action figure. I actually had to buy this one from a seller in Australia, which wasn't TOO bad. Shipping cost more than the figure. I think Flattop is gonna be the hardest to find if the last three, he seems to come and go.

Can't let a week go by without MORE He-Man stuff...

- Teela and Beast Man from the Super7 Filmation "Masters of the Universe" line! These are so great. I'm almost done with this whole series now - not counting variants like "Gold Statue" He-Man or "Crystal" Man-At-Arms; I have almost all the characters, though - which kinda makes me sad BUT it's great to finally have the cartoon versions of these characters in my "vintage" 5.5"-scale collection!

Just for fun, here's the original Mattel Beast Man alongside the Super7 Filmation version:

Next up, some more vintage He-Man stuff...

- Hordak and Whiplash from the original Mattel "Masters of the Universe" line! These are replacements for two figures I already had. Hordak fell apart forever ago and Whiplash must have gotten lost in one of the moves. But these are in GREAT shape!

Again, just for fun, here's Mattel Hordak with the Super7 Filmation version:

Gotta love it!

There was ONE more awesome thing I got, but I'm about to hit the Image limit so I'll put that in the next post, because it really deserves its own space...


Leo656 09-10-2020 03:59 AM

Alright, so FINALLY, after months and months of waiting, it FINALLY came in the mail this past Sunday... Super7 "Thundercats Ultimates" Lion-O!!!


Some quick backstory: So a few years ago, Mattel got the license to do Thundercats figures, and released one single Wave in the scale of their "Masters of the Universe Classics" line. They then killed the line and no more characters were produced, leaving many people upset. Thankfully, Super7 entered an agreement with Mattel to continue the line using the existing molds and parts, with the first wave being a re-release of some of the Mattel "Thundercats Classics" figures with more accessories and new paint.

This is a GREAT thing for people like me who never even heard about the Mattel line as it was happening, as well as anyone who still wants to collect the few Mattel figures that came out. Last month, I saw the Mattel Lion-O selling for around $200-250 online, but now that this near-identical (but slightly improved in some ways) Super7 figure is finally in peoples' hands, the Mattel version's price has dropped by about half.

I haven't opened it yet - that's gonna be a video - but I gotta say, as a huge Lion-O fan I LOVE this figure. There is a TINY bit of paint bleed on the belt where the silver got onto the trunks, but it's not a huge deal to me, otherwise it looks incredible (there's nothing wrong with his belt buckle, that's some packing foam on the box window is all).

I love this thing. I'd already pre-ordered Cheetara, but now having this guy in my hands I'm gonna go ahead and get a bunch more of these figures. I know they've announced up through Wave 3, and I think they said they plan to do at least four waves. Probably get Mumm-Ra next and go from there.

FYI, I got this one through BigBadToyStore in case anyone was wondering. So far I've done well by getting lots of He-Man and Thundercats stuff from them, so I recommend them if you're interested in these. Which you should be! :tgrin:

Autbot_Benz 09-11-2020 05:58 PM

Marvel Legends Movie Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. I love the deadpool figure and Negasonic is cool. But I was able to get Wade's desert eagle guns out you have to dunk him in hot water to loosen the guns and now he can pack heat.

Leo656 09-14-2020 05:08 PM

Got something nice in the mail today... STRATOS has joined the melee! :tgrin:

Yet another one I never had as a kid but thankfully not too hard to find, and he's in GREAT shape!

Zodac is on the way, and after that I only need Blade and Gwildor and I'll have MOST of the vintage He-Man figures I need. Wave 6 is probably gonna stay out of reach since so many of them are so damn expensive, I mean if I ever come across them for a reasonable price that's fine, but I kinda don't feel like dropping a hundred bucks on Ninjor or Mosquitor. I'd LOVE a complete vintage set but I don't need to get them all that badly. It depends.

There are several figures I need weapons and armor for, and a couple that are broken, but not TOO many, thankfully. In some cases just the armor/weapons is only like $10 less than a loose complete figure, so we'll see how it goes.

Either way... getting there! :tgrin:

garsh 09-14-2020 09:07 PM

I want to like Stratos, but he looks too much like my stepmom.

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