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Autbot_Benz 07-19-2021 08:04 PM
Got Sam Captain America today. Decent figure just wish his wings weren't a BAF thing. Next just gotta get Wanda and Bucky

Autbot_Benz 07-24-2021 02:03 PM

WandaVision Scarlet Witch. Man this was a pain in the ass too get. Its 1 per case and literally every website was scalping it for 40 + Dollars. Thankfully Amazon had a few in their warehouse for 25

AquaParade 07-26-2021 03:57 PM

I'm definitely getting that Mafex Cyborg Superman next year. Badass!

I've never even read a book with him in it, but I am a certified 90's kid and have always found the visual design striking.

IMJ 07-26-2021 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by AquaParade (Post 1899378)
I'm definitely getting that Mafex Cyborg Superman next year. Badass!

I've never even read a book with him in it, but I am a certified 90's kid and have always found the visual design striking.

I ordered that amazing MAFEX Hush Superman some time back. It showed up I think a month or two ago from BBTS, right? Shows up with paint issues and the the bicep joint was like.... fuzed or uncut or something. Basically 100% unusable. BBTS refunded me 100% but couldn't replace the figure. The MAFEX stuff looks amazing but once you have a problem at that price point for a toy, you just unfortunately don't go back. I probably would've otherwise been all-in for the Hush line too.....

AquaParade 07-26-2021 05:43 PM

Well that's no good. Thanks for the warning.

IMJ 07-26-2021 07:42 PM

I've been getting a huge kick out of the Final Faction stuff.... Never would I have thought that an obscure line like this could be so cool.

Vintage, 5-point aesthetic, fully fleshed out storyline, unique alien race, G.I. Joe like specialist team, cool character designs, and figures pegged for fully modular accessories and add-ons via weapons packs and not to mention the 'clip 'n save' file cards on the cardbacks.

Just so much fun!

Autbot_Benz 08-01-2021 03:28 PM

Got Bucky Barnes today. Great figure just annoyed he didn't come with any guns. I know he didn't use any in Falcon and The Winter Soldier but still. I gave him one of the extra set of guns deadpool came with.

Leo656 08-01-2021 03:51 PM

No, I didn't stop collecting, I've just been letting tons of stuff pile up. :lol:

First up, some stuff I picked up at the flea market a few weeks ago, starting with the Toy Biz/Marvel Toys "TNA Wrestling Impact" Kevin Nash!
Not sure why he's posed so awkwardly in the box, other than he's quite a bit taller than the other figures in the line. Toy Biz always made pretty good Nash figures all the way back to the WCW line in 1998, and this is another good one. Crewcut Nash isn't my favorite look for him, but the likeness is good and there's some nice detailed sculpting on the "leather" pants. The tattoo detail is good as well. In fact, all the little details are SO good, it's a real shame that they didn't give him his elbow pad and wrist tape. They were usually a lot better than that. Otherwise, it's a really good Nash figure.

Next up, Kenny Omega from the Jazwares "AEW: Unrivaled" line:
I'm honestly not a huge Omega fan, but he's a "main character" and tough to find so when I found him I jumped. These figures are pretty good. I only have a couple so far because I can't buy everything.

Next, a mix of Old School and New School, with AJ Styles and Wendi Richter from the Mattel "WWE Elite" Series!
Not much to say about AJ; they've made a ton of different figures for him and they're all pretty good, but this is the first one I bothered picking up.

Wendi is the bigger deal, simply because I'm pretty sure this is the first figure she's ever had. They did a great job with everything, from the likeness (complete with eyeshadow) to her iconic WrestleMania I outfit (including her sunglasses). The Women's Title belt is the wrong color I think but ah well. Too bad there's no Cyndi Lauper figure to go with it!

Switching gears, we've got the new Ultimate Warrior and Stephanie McMahon from the Mattel "Masters of the WWE Universe" line!
This is the second Warrior in the line, and has a different-colored outfit along with a cape. I like the first Warrior better, but this one's pretty cool too.

Stephanie as Evil-Lyn is... very fitting. That's really all I can say about that!

Keeping in the same line, I managed to get a great deal on The Man Called STING!
He generally goes for a ton but my flea market buddies hooked me up for $20! Great Sting figure, I love that they gave him his Starrcade '97 outfit... but I hate that they didn't give him gloves!

FYI, the "Masters of WWE Universe" line is going to be ending very soon, so I advise anyone who's into these to get the ones you're missing while you can, they're gonna skyrocket soon.

Switching gears completely, we're going back to 1989 with a classic figure from the Toy Biz "Batman" line: Bob the Goon!
Oddly enough, I never had this one as a kid, which is strange because he was a common peg-warmer and I could've bought ten of them if I wanted to. They've definitely gone way up in price but I got a good deal on this one.

More Random DC Stuff... here we have Reverse-Flash from the Hasbro "JLA" line!
This was, I believe, a ToyFare Exclusive mail-away figure. This one's still in its original bag and mailer box! It's just a recolor of their Flash figure but still really cool.

Jumping ahead to something more recent, we have this Christopher Reeve Superman from the 3.75-inch Mattel "DC Multiverse" line!
Not a bad likeness for the scale, but it's very annoying that they never made a Reeve Superman figure in the "full-sized" 6-inch "Multiverse" line. As it is, hardly any Reeve Superman figures exist at all and this is one of the few.

Still more DC stuff, with this awesome Darkseid from the Mattel "DC Super-Heroes" line!
I paid more than I wanted for this, but pretty much all Darkseid figures have shot up in price lately. Everything about it is awesome, the only downside is that scale-wise he's about the same size as every other character in the line, where he should be quite a bit taller. They later rectified this by making him a "Collect & Connect" figure in the "DCU Classics" line, but this is still a really great Darkseid figure.


Leo656 08-01-2021 04:18 PM

Jumping ahead a few years to the Mattel "DC Multiverse" line, we have this Super-Friends Aquaman!
Pretty much just a repaint of their regular Aquaman figure, but pretty neat.

More DC Multiverse figures; moving on to some villains, we've got The Joker and Poison Ivy!
These figures came out as part of a Batman 80th Anniversary wave. Poison Ivy is a little plain, but the "vines" that wrap around her arms help make her a bit more dynamic.

Interestingly, this Joker is directly inspired by the one that came out in the 1989 Toy Biz line, complete with cane and "squirting" flower. A neat follow-up to their "DC Universe Classics" Joker, which was directly based on the 1980s Kenner "Super-Powers" line!

Still more Multiverse figures! Back to the heroes side, we have Kyle Rayner and "Kingdom Come Superman!
These were stupidly expensive.

Great Kyle figure, ALMOST comics-perfect except they kind of cheaped out by giving him a more simplified chest emblem, but it's still a great figure. Kingdom Come Superman looks a bit young in the face, but otherwise just about perfect. Mattel's face likenesses were never in the same league as the DC Direct stuff, but they still looked good.

Even more DC stuff! Now we have some Mattel "DC Universe Classics" figures, Martian Manhunter and Eclipso!
Eclipso has a tiny head, but otherwise, some more near-perfect Classics figures.

Up next, a double-dose of Sinestro! Both full-scale and small-scale, from the Mattel "DC Universe Classics" & "DC Infinite Heroes" lines!
They made a Sinestro for "Classics" in his classic attire as well, but this one was cheaper. I got the "Infinite Heroes" one cheap because the box is banged up.

From "Classics" to... well, "Kinda-Classics But not Exactly", with this Cyborg Superman & Mongul Two-Pack!
So, these are awesome figures with some great likeness and detailing. The only thing is, they're technically not "Classics" despite being released under that branding. They're just repackaged versions of the exact same figures from the earlier "DC Super-Heroes line", and as such they don't have the same build or articulation as "real" Classics". As such, Cyborg Superman still has the very controversial "bowl-legged" stance many of those earlier figures had, but Mattel never bothered to do a "proper" Classics version of him, so this is as good as it gets. This two-pack was much cheaper than buying the two "DC Super-Heroes" single-carded figures separately.

One More DC set, and it's a beauty! It's the "Gotham City 5" set from the DC Universe Classics line!
This set is EPIC! First up, you get a great Superman figure. You also get a pretty good Batman, even though it's technically not comics-accurate since Batman never wore black deco with his "yellow oval" costume. Two-Face and Catwoman are repaints of their single-card "DC Super-Heroes" figures, and are otherwise unavailable in the "Classics" line. Two-Face is in the same colors as his old Toy Biz figure, which is another nice throwback. But perhaps the real "star" of this set is the Silver Age Lex Luthor figure, which is completely unique to this box set!

This set was over $100 but definitely worth every penny of it!


Leo656 08-01-2021 04:25 PM

I went to Target today just to look for some MOTU stuff, but I also found some other cool stuff by happenstance. I'm not really "collecting" the Jakks "Super Mario" line, but I do have a couple random figures. And I definitely couldn't say no to Luigi!
Not much to say... it's Luigi! And he's awesome.

Even cooler, though, was something I never expected to see.. This awesome "Bowser's Castle" playset!
This was on Clearance for about $33, so I had to grab it! I didn't even know it existed! So rad!

That gets us all caught up on all the non-MOTU stuff I picked up over the last few weeks. :tgrin:

Autbot_Benz 08-12-2021 03:51 PM

Got Doctor Fate today. Great pop and one I have wanted for a long time

I just need a Detective Chimp and Etrigan and I have the entire 2018 Justice League Dark Roster

Autbot_Benz 08-29-2021 01:52 PM

Got Odin The All Father today from the Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Line

Autbot_Benz 09-06-2021 08:45 PM

Kingdom Beast Wars Scorponok

Autbot_Benz 09-22-2021 05:39 PM

Kingdom Blackharachnia. Cool figure instructions are crap had to watch a youtube video to figure it out

Autbot_Benz 09-24-2021 01:37 PM

Final Battle Endgame Thor which I preordered back in April finally came today. I have been wanting this figure forever

Autbot_Benz 09-26-2021 01:46 PM

Got Kingdom Beast Wars Megatron for my birthday

Autbot_Benz 10-02-2021 05:04 PM

Finally got me a Beskar Armor Mandolorian. Found a guy on Ebay selling his BBTS Collectors grade one and I had 10 dollar off for using Ebay's app so it was a no brainer. Once again suck it amazon 3rd party scalpers.

Autbot_Benz 12-03-2021 05:31 PM

Amazon Exclusive Flying Turboman from the greatest Christmas Movie ever Jingle All The Way

IMJ 12-03-2021 07:16 PM

I wasn't going to miss the Quasar Marvel Legends release so I picked one up a short while back online.....

But I need a few more of these things and I've yet to see them even once actually at a Walgreens, where they are exclusive to. I did manage to grab the Nova from Wal-Greens. But Quasar? Very tough to find.

Autbot_Benz 12-13-2021 10:40 PM

Got a funko pop of Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning from the CW Black Lightning show

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