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Sumac 11-10-2021 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by oldmanwinters (Post 1911065)
Oh, hush, it's a solid game with a flawed progression system. :tcool:

It is a solid turd, with a slow combat and clunky controls. :lol:
Streets of Rage 4 is a good game, River City Girls even better.

CyberCubed 11-10-2021 08:05 PM

Isn't this made by the same developer who handled Streets of Rage 4? If so I expect a quality game. Also TMNT games tend to move "faster" than your typical beat-em-up, as the Turtles have quicker movement than other similar games in the genre. So watching the videos the Turtles do move and attack at good speed.

It's clear the developers are fans of the original games and are looking to do it justice. The fact that they didn't rush the game to get it out by the end of this year and delayed it to 2022 is also proof they're looking to get it right.

oldmanwinters 11-11-2021 04:58 PM

So based on my time frequenting the TributeGames Discord, certain interactions between staff artists and fans make me think that...

April "Meow" Neil

might actually be a thing for this game.

sdp 11-11-2021 09:42 PM


Originally Posted by oldmanwinters (Post 1911153)
So based on my time frequenting the TributeGames Discord, certain interactions between staff artists and fans make me think that...

April "Meow" Neil

might actually be a thing for this game.

that opens up possibilities...
She's in!

oldmanwinters 11-11-2021 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by sdp (Post 1911189)
that opens up possibilities...
She's in!

Heh, if the game has a shoot 'em up gameplay section, might as well use that April variant. And if it has any underwater exploration, then there's hope for "Rebel without a Fin" fishwoman April, right?

Ninjinister 11-12-2021 02:14 AM


Originally Posted by Sumac (Post 1911064)
On video anything can look fun.
Even Double Dragon Neon can look fun in video.

Neon was great though!?!?

Sumac 11-12-2021 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by Ninjinister (Post 1911200)
Neon was great though!?!?

Only its soundtrack was great, graphics were kind of strange and the gameplay was total garbage.

I mean, if they wanted faithfully emulate beat'em ups of the middle 80s they've accomplished their mission. Its just in 2010s you'd expect something better. Much much better.

oldmanwinters 11-12-2021 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sumac (Post 1911282)
Its just in 2010s you'd expect something better. Much much better.

Heh. You ever play the XboxArcade exclusive Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons? It was in development around the same time as Neon but ended up getting delayed by about a year, and it was still received as one of the worst games of all time. And yet... when I finally acquired an Xbox360, I just HAD to get it out of fear it would one day vanish from earth forever.

Even the DD compilation games were shoddy emulation, so a DD fan like me was in pretty rough shape to find anything adequate about the franchise.

Coola Yagami 11-16-2021 05:20 PM

Double Dragon Neon was fun, just incredibly hard. Like some stages were very long with multiple boss fights and somehow you're supposed to beat that with only 3 lives? WTF man. Then one time my ex and I thought were were being slick and bought up a bunch of extra lives in one of the shops. We thought we were set for whatever challenge the next stage would throw at us only for it to start us off at 3 lives anyway. WTF was that????

The farthest we ever got was at the boss fight with the giant plant mutant dinosaur shark thing. After seeing a video on it and finding out just how long that boss fight was and that there was even more **** after that, I was like 'oh c'mon! That's just ****ing impossible. Like you only get three lives and there's a lot of **** to get through before you even get to the mutant plant boss."

RaphaelinSTL 11-29-2021 08:01 AM

Feels like I've been waiting for this game forever. After that trailer drop earlier in the year, I've been checking every news I can get on the game but now we're even more-so in that wait and see mode. Made me realize I never had the chance to say some of the concerns I had after that April O' Neil trailer.

Personally, I'm not huge into playing as side characters. I do think that will make this game more appealing to other people, but for me ... if I'm playing a TMNT game, I want to be the TMNT. That may just be me though.

Also, I know there's a few that think the way I do, but after playing Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World for the first time back in the spring ... I'm a bit nervous with Tribute Games handling the actual development. I realize that was in 2010 before the beat em' up revival became a thing but OH LORDY is that game a slog. The only thing I picked up on my Switch that I actually have buyers remorse picking up. What a whiplash it was to eventually then play Streets of Rage 4 and absolutely love it. I'm over 20 hours into that game with just the replay value alone ... and I still want to go back into it.

Which speaking of Scott Pilgrim, I'm hoping Shredder's Revenge overall design doesn't go for that cutesy look too much. April's pixel feels ripped out of that world, and I'm all for 1987 cartoonish vibe ... but hopefully it's not overkill.

Oof. I was a bit negative there, but this is easily my top hyped game for 2022. While I have my reservations about Tribute Games, I really do think they're taking their time and wanting to make the flow and controls of the game feel like something that's familiar while keeping it moving forward - ala SOR4 with Dotemu. Since I picked up a Nintendo Switch in October of last year, I've fallen in love with it. I fell out of gaming around the PS3/360/Wii era with just playing some Wii here, but I picked up a PS4 in 2014 and even then I wasn't as into it as I am now. Can't wait to play this on the Switch all the time.

On a more sad note, this is the first TMNT game to come out since my younger brother's passing in September of this year. I've been a little anxious about it as TMNT was always our thing and I was really looking forward to playing it with him, even though his personal demons had made him more and more distant to me before his passing the week before my wedding. I'll miss the opportunity to jump into all the easter eggs with him and have someone that would have hopefully gotten a kick out of this as much as I would have, but I'll be thinking about him a lot through my first play.

Sumac 11-29-2021 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by oldmanwinters (Post 1911284)
Heh. You ever play the XboxArcade exclusive Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons?

Gladly no.
In general, I am not big fan of beat'em ups anymore, unless they are based on properties I like or have a very good gameplay.

oldmanwinters 11-30-2021 11:35 AM

Guess this is will have to do for "new content" until The Game Awards Show:

RaphaelinSTL 01-03-2022 12:34 PM

Feels like it's been forever since the last bit of news.

I'm REALLY hoping for a spring release, but I guess we'll see.

oldmanwinters 01-10-2022 01:33 PM

One of the frequent posters on the official TributeGames Discord recently made a "What We Know" video on the game:

AquaParade 01-27-2022 12:04 PM

Taking longer than I would have expected! It's good to know they aren't rushing it out. Polish that baby nice and good. Been too long since we've had a great TMNT game, if you ask me.

Although the Mortal Kombat DLC was fantastic.

oldmanwinters 02-01-2022 02:57 PM

February 19 looks to be a big day for real news on the game, featuring as part of IGN's Fan Fest:

The Deadman 02-01-2022 04:21 PM

Maybe we're finally getting a release date.

Sumac 02-01-2022 04:41 PM

Can't wait.
I bet on Summer release date...or another delay.

CyberCubed 02-01-2022 06:00 PM

This is one of my most anticipated games of 2022, even more than Breath of the Wild 2.

RaphaelinSTL 02-04-2022 09:35 AM

Can't wait for this! I was wondering if maybe there'd be more news on an eventual Nintendo Direct this month ... but I'll take what I can get with the IGN Fan Fest in two weeks.

I'm REALLY hoping that a release date or window is announced instead of it just being like a "look, we've got Splinter/Casey Jones/someone else in here now" type gameplay tease that April trailer was last August.

Like a lot of people, this is my most anticipated game too. Outside of whatever first party Nintendo reveals we get this year, the new Kirby, and Stray on Playstation (I hope that it isn't just a PS exclusive, but time will tell), it's TMNT all the way.

Looking forward to what gets revealed soon.

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