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The Great Saiyaman 10-18-2018 09:38 AM

There actually were a lot of adult jokes in the 2012 Nick series, The "We're not THAT kind of sub." being a prime example.

From "A foot too big" Raphael runs into Bigfoot as she exits the bathroom of the Northampton farmhouse where the Turtles decamp.
Bigfoot: Bigfoot made waste.
Raph: Made waste huh?
Raph peers inside, the toilet is absolutely pristine but then he spots the tub...
Raph does a double take and shuts the door in horror.


The Great Saiyaman 10-21-2018 06:54 AM

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Another blatant adult joke was in "Mikey gets Shellacne" that scene in the kitchen.

There's Raphael with fried eggs on his chest. Which is a reference to a porn term for a woman who's not very chesty.

Zachatello00 10-22-2018 01:26 PM

And he had a brain!
We all have brains, Mikey...
Not all of us!

The Great Saiyaman 10-22-2018 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Zachatello00 (Post 1780889)
And he had a brain!
We all have brains, Mikey...
Not all of us!

And related to that.
Raph: You're really going to plug an advanced piece of military technology directly into Mikey's head, what if it melts his brain?
Donnie: It won't and even if it would, who'd know the difference?

newfan 10-27-2018 02:13 AM

Where Aprils dad was mutated and Leo was asked how he knew it was Kirby.
Leo: You see any red bearded, middle aged bats lately?

The Great Saiyaman 11-19-2018 06:00 PM

Having binged watched the first and second season recently, here's a few good ones.

From "Slash and Destroy"

After Donatello nearly blew up the lair and Raphael's pet Turtle Spike in the process, Raph decides enough is enough and takes the last vile of Mutagen from Donnie's lab for safe keeping until the "Mad professor gets his act together."

Raph is called over by Mikey to help out with the cleaning of the lab and he still is very cross with the situation. Luckily, Master Splinter has a sure way to calm Raph down again.

Splinter: Raphael, allow me to make a suggestion.
Raphael: Suggest WHAT Sensei? I'm tired of suggestions, what could you possibly suggest...
(Splinter touches a pressure point on Raph's collar bone which paralyzes him and makes him fall over backwards.)
Splinter: Perhaps you should sit down and meditate for a while.

Donnie gets all busted up during his encounter with Slash But however severe that beating was, it sure didn't beat the sarcasm out of him.

Donatello: Ugh… What hit me? It was like Raph, only… bigger and meaner… angrier, but… not quite as ugly.
Raphael: It was Spike! He got into the mutagen--
Donatello: Spike?
(Rolls his eyes and continues in a sarcastic tone)
Donatello: Way to keep that mutagen safe, Raph.

During the Turtles' fight against Slash, Leo has been occupied with trying to get that rogue canister of Mutagen which thanks to a streak of Bad Luck seemingly always gets away from him. The apotheosis coming with a simply hilarious scene in which he had tea time with a little Girl who in the Nick Comics is named Chloe, who tries her hardest to teach Leo proper etiquette.
Chloe: No, no, no, no, no. You have to hold your pinky out.
(Leo looks at his hand, which no matter how you slice it, has only three fingers.)
Leonardo: I don't exactly have a pinky.
Chloe: Are there other talking turtles like you?
Leonardo: Nope. Just me. Mr. Imaginary turtle.
(Raph and Slash fall through roof)
Leonardo: Raph?!
Raphael: Leo!? Having… tea time?!

newfan 11-20-2018 03:59 AM

I just thought they added that light humour with Leo to counteract the darker scenes in that ep with Donnie and Mikey being beaten.
LOL - not as ugly, Slash was ugly :)

Speaking of Leo with a tea cup, though not hilarious I thought it lightly amusing in Buried secrets when he was trying to cover up what had happened to Mr O'Neil and he's sipping his tea while looking awkward with his eyes.

The Great Saiyaman 11-26-2018 07:44 AM

From the episode "Turtle Temper", Michelangelo can't resist taunting Raphael but Raph suddenly and swiftly grabs him and puts him in a necklock.
Raphael: Say it.
Leonardo: Raph, be quiet!
Raphael: Not 'til Mikey says it!
Michelangelo: Raphael is all wise and powerful!
Raphael: (squeezes Mikey) Aaaand?
Michelangelo: And he's better than me in every possible way!
Raphael: (forces Mikey to the floor) Aaaaaand?
Michelangelo: And I'm a lonely worm beneath his feet who isn't fit to live on the same planet as him because he's so amazing and I'm a dirt clod!
Raphael: (licks his finger and hovers it over Mikey's head) AAAAAND?!
Michelangelo: (whimpers) And in the history of the universe there's never beenů
Leonardo: Okay, Enough!

From the episode "the Alien agenda" In this scene we find Raphael and Leonardo sparring after the latter had been showing off to impress his love interest Karai. So far the only other members of the Hamato Clan who know about her are Raphael and April. Raph is urging Leo to come clean about her with the latter stating that they wouldn't understand.
Raphael: You really think Mikey and Donnie wouldn't understand? (Pauses, looks sideways, realizing what he just said.) You really think Donnie wouldn't understand?"
Later in the episode, Karai has "formally introduced" herself to the other turtles before abandoning them during the battle, "leaving it up to the good guys" to defeat the Kraang. Needless to say Leonardo has a lot to explain.
Michelangelo: So...
Donatello: (to Leo) We're thinking somebody should start talking!
(Leo looks sad as the scene cuts to the lair)
Leo: I should have told you about Karai sooner, but I really thought there was a chance she would be good, and... I guess I... sort of... liked her. Go ahead, laugh.
Michelangelo: Dude, I can't believe you trusted her.
Donatello: I can't believe you didn't trust us enough to tell us.
Leo: I was wrong, I'm really sorry.
April: I tried to warn him.
Raphael: You too, huh?
Splinter: Leonardo, you are not the first young man or turtle to make a fool of yourself in front of a girl.
Michelangelo: What about Donnie? (Donnie hits him)
Splinter: However, when that girl is a Kunoichi working for the enemy, that is a completely different thing. Deception is the ninja's most powerful weapon. And Karai appears to be a master of it.
Leo: Thank you, Sensei. I'm glad you're not mad.
Splinter: Who says I'm not mad? (Whacks Leonardo's foot with his cane making Leonardo scream)

The Great Saiyaman 12-27-2018 06:12 PM

Here's another scene with Baxter Stockman.

After getting their hands on April O'Neil's cellphone, the Foot Clan and Baxter Stockman decide that the enemy of their enemy is their friend and that if they work together, their chances of actually defeating the Turtles become much greater. The turtles have split up into two teams; Leonardo and Raphael and Michelangelo and Donatello to separately try to get the phone back. In their effort to do so Mikey and Donnie were caught by Shredder's right hand man Chris Bradford, AKA Dogpound who chained them up while Baxter is busy trying to open the phone's codes using one of Dogpound's laptops. When Donatello says that their efforts are useless because the telephone has nothing useful on it Baxter reminds them that is does have a GPS tracker, which would reveal where the Turtles' secret lair is.

So far so good for the bad guys, the only issue being the fact that Dogpound's laptop apparently still has Windows 98 on it...

neatoman 12-28-2018 06:01 AM


Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1779154)


Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1779162)


Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1779316)


Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1779401)


Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1779472)


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Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1783786)


Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman (Post 1787349)

Hey, The Great Saiyaman. I get that you probably have a lot to say here but it isn't a good sign that nearly half the thread is made up of your own posts, it kind of comes across as you wanting to keep it going regardless of genuine interest.

The Great Saiyaman 12-28-2018 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by neatoman (Post 1787366)

Hey, The Great Saiyaman. I get that you probably have a lot to say here but it isn't a good sign that nearly half the thread is made up of your own posts, it kind of comes across as you wanting to keep it going regardless of genuine interest.

Nah, I'm not the kind of guy who does that. It's simply because I keep recalling funny stuff here.

victory_angel 12-28-2018 01:20 PM

One funny isn't openly said, but it's still funny regardless. It's the scene in Trans-dimensional Turtles where both sets of Turtles arrive at the 2012 Lair. 2k12 Leo, Donnie, and Mikey all eagerly enter because this is the first time they've seen their home in months. But Raph stops and pantomimes to the 1987 series Turtles that they should stay put or he would beat them mercilessly.

They find the Anti-matter weapon that Krang planted and Donnie says they need to get it to his lab so he can defuse it. The Turtles then arrive at the lair, the 1987 Turtles start to join them but Raph stops through sign says:

"You fine gentlemen kindly wait here a moment, and please remain quiet or I will strike you repeatedly in the face and bodily regions."

Then 1987 Raph pouts about the fact they are being told they couldn't enter a different dimension version of their lair.

Then moments later when the Turtles encounter Splinter alive and well for the first time in months. They all run up and hug him and at first, Splinter is confused about this reaction, then he notices the 1987 Turtles have all come into the lair despite being told not to, much to the chagrin of the other Turtles.

The Turtles are gazing around in awe as they look upon their lair for the first time ever. Splinter then appears.

Splinter: Back so soon? You just left to patrol the city.

(Turtles run forward and all hug Splinter like a bunch of frightened children)

Splinter: (Confused) Is everything alright.

Leo: Definitely, Master Splinter. It's...It's just really amazing to see you.

(Splinter smiles but then notices a strange version of Leonardo standing with them. Leo looks beside him and winces at the sight of his 1987 self and worse yet the other 1987 turtles have entered the lair and are making themselves at home)

87 Mikey: Whoa Dudes, this lair is rockin! Check out that pinball, totally radical!

Raph: What did I tell you guys about waiting outside?!

Splinter: What is going on here! Someone explain! Now!

87 Leo: Wow, your Splinter is kinda strict and tall too!

(Splinter notices Donnie is attempting to sneak away towards the safety of his lab)

Splinter: DONATELLO!

Donnie: Yeah...they were transported here from an alternate dimension Sensei, along with this weapon we have to defuse ASAP. (Reaches to the side and grabs 87 Donatello and drags him along with him as he's talking.)

87 Mikey: Cowabunga!

(Skateboards around Splinter three times, Mikey grabs a skateboard and join him in skateboarding around the lair.)

Mikey: Booyakasha!

87 Raph: I call dibs on pinball!

Raph: Okay, don't we have a little anti-matter weapon to deal with here?!

87 Raph: (Off-screen) Ahh, the Donatello's will take care of it, lighten up a little man.

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