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Llarrow 04-08-2021 08:12 AM

Hello all ...
Hi all,
Lifelong tmnt fan here from uk. Been collecting bits for a long time now and have decided to start selling off some of my pieces due to starting a new business.
I have lots of interesting goodies ranging from original published artwork to figures. Would rather sell on here than eBay because of fees etc so decided to start putting some feelers out and seeing if anybody might be interested.
It’s just a hello for now and to meet fellow fans but would be great to here from any serious collectors on here to see what kind of bits you like to collect and to see if I have any to sell.
Look forward to hearing from some of you.
All the best and cowabunga ????

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 04-09-2021 05:41 AM

Welcome into the Technodrome!

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