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ThirdMarioBro 03-24-2005 06:31 PM

Forum Rules
1. Please try to keep the messages on-topic for the most part.

2. Respect the opinions of other members. Gamers are a passionate group, and every gamer has a different preference in the games he or she chooses, and the consoles they own. That doesn't give an excuse for them to be attacked for their interests.

3. No flame wars. Discussion of gaming politics is perfectly acceptable, but do not turn it into a fight over the decisions made by various gaming cooperations.

4. Do not enter any thread with the intention of attacking the people within it for their beliefs and opinions.

5. If an argument is to break out, please take it to PM, or preferably off of the Technodrome altogether to avoid locked topics and hurt feelings among other members who are not involved.

6. For the sake of those who are either conservative in their game playing habits, or simply do not have access to a new release for an extended period of time, please refrain from spoilers. If you must discuss something that would be considered a spoiler, please use the new built in forum spoiler tags. This is a new rule, and will be enforced. Thank you for your cooperation.

"Please be advised. We are all a bunch of sarcastic, hateful, assholes in this section. Take our words with a grain of salt."

Thank you for your cooperation.

Barkworm 03-17-2012 02:46 AM

From now on there are three major threads in this section: General Discussion/Latest Purchases/Currently Playing?, Gaming News and Tech support. Please do not open new threads unless you absolutely feel like the topic won't fit the other threads.

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