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darkcastlecustoms 08-18-2021 12:07 PM

The Last Ronin figure
Hello, I present you my 3D printed Last Ronin figure.

This is an articulated figure with 6 points of articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows and waist.

The Figure comes with an interchangeable head.

The listing includes the accesories in the pics, which can be stored in the figure straps as showed.

Venom 08-22-2021 02:53 PM

This is dope!!

IMJ 08-22-2021 03:07 PM

Ok see that's really great.

Zack 08-25-2021 07:35 PM

Great work, keep it up!

j3h 08-29-2021 09:17 AM

How difficult would it be to 3D print (or cast) the other 3 brothers original playmates sculpts as translucent or glow in the dark ghosts?
That would make an great set with this awesome figure.

darkcastlecustoms 09-01-2021 02:19 AM

you can find 3d scans online of the vintage turtles, so it would be a matter of just printing them. I have a translucen blue resin, and there are other clearer ones, althought I havent try them. Not sure if there is a glowing resin.

I did recreate that scene you are refering tought :)


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