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Coro 12-13-2021 09:50 AM

Downsizing NECA and S7 collection (and other toys)
Hey all. I am finally getting it through my head that I dont need 2 or 3 of everything. So I am offering up a ton of my collection here. I regularly sell at the Toyman toy show in STL, if you would rather pickup locally (next show is Jan9-ask if you need more info). If you are interested let me know here and/or DM.

I want to get at least retail+shipping for things. If you buy more than 1 thing, its easier to ship. I will add images as I drag more stuff out, and delete images as they are sold. Check back often.

All Items are mint in box and I will pack and ship things like they are my own. If you recall, I regularly shipped things for my toy store, so I am not new to this. Let me know any questions, or if you need more pics or whatever.

PRICING (prices DO NOT include shipping)
NECA Movie
Casey/Raph 2 pack $75
Splinter rescue 4 pack (SDCC) $300
Gamestop Turtles/Baddies ( Set of 8 ) $300
Yoshi/Saki 2 pack $75

NECA Cartoon
Ultimate Mondo Gecko $40
Ultimate Muckman $40
Rock Soldiers 2 Pack $70
Ace Duck/Mutagen 2 Pack $80
Slash/Leatherhead 2 Pack $100
Wingnut Screwloose 2 Pack $70
Triceraton Generals 2 Pack $60
Triceraton/Rodney 2 Pack $60
Dirtbag Groundchuck 2 Pack $70

NECA Arcade
Turtles (Set of 4) $150
Baddies (Set of 4) $150

Figuarts Original release (Set of 4) $400
Mirage Turtles (Clamshells)- SEE CONDITION $900

Super 7

Set of 9- $400
Would much rather sell this in 1 large shipment, otherwise $50ea

Casey Jones
Foot Soldier

Coro 12-13-2021 09:51 AM

NECA Movie

Coro 12-16-2021 07:17 AM

all items from this post sold

Coro 01-05-2022 08:04 AM

NECA Arcade

Coro 01-05-2022 08:04 AM


Mirage Turtles (Clamshells) CONDITION NOTE
  • Leonardo has some scotch tape at the top of the clamshell. I didnt want to remove in case of residue
  • Some of the hang tag are misshapen but intact
  • Raphael has a slight tear of the bubble on the one side. I did my best to take a pic, but its really hard to see and its right on the turn of the bubble so if you arent looking close you cant even notice. This is very slight and does not impact its appearance. There is also a line in the top of the clamshell you can easily see in the pics, but its just cosmetic and does not break through the plastic on either side

  • This was opened from the bottom of the box and displayed on shelf for a brief period

Mousers (MONDO)

Coro 01-05-2022 09:02 AM

Super 7
Mutagen Man sold, but Casey Jones replaced him

Novoken 03-01-2022 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by Coro (Post 1916228)

Still have?
Frogs (Set of 4) $100

Coro 03-04-2022 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by Novoken (Post 1921728)
Still have?
Frogs (Set of 4) $100

Yeah I still have frogs

Monkeyninja 03-05-2022 05:55 AM

Hi there,

Are you shipping to Uk?
You have many i'd be needing!

Coro 03-05-2022 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Monkeyninja (Post 1922195)
Hi there,

Are you shipping to Uk?
You have many i'd be needing!

I can if you want to pay the rediculous shipping costs

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