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Originally Posted by MutantMistress2013 View Post
Make me an arcade-styled version of Baxter the Fly!
Ouuuuuuukeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy. What's with the order/demand/command tone? A "please" would be nice.
Anyway, do you really mean an "arcade baxter fly" or an "arcade human baxter stockman" (with a jetpack as i intended)? 'cause at first i thought it was a nice idea, an arcade baxter fly... until a few seconds later i remembered there's one. Turtles in Time first boss IS Baxter Stockman AS A FLY. I know i could do my own version of it, but i'm pretty happy with what Konami did. But, just for fun, i made a recoloring of the original sprite with a color palette closer to the OT.

Sorry if i'm disappointing you. Many thanks for the comments.

PS: Oh i forgot to add, it has the same numbers of colors as the SNES palette. I just loose the blueish colors for the pants and add more shades of grey. Change the greens for the face and the reds for the bowtie and hair. And add some volume to the hair, wich is weird cause in the arcade version they did some shading, but in the SNES version didn't. Who knows why, but pretty good conversion in overall.
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