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Bebop Custom Spriting + MUGEN WIP

Hey guys its been a long time since I've posted on here and just as long since I've gotten to working on another MUGEN character in any official capacity
Finally taking a crack at the one and only Mutant Warthog Punker Thug Bebop!

-He'll be a 6 button character like the rest of my creations and have combo heavy gameplay

I've resized and improved the classic Arcade spritework 120% for this guy and I'll be doing a whole mess of additional custom sprite-work for the rest of his attacks.
You can see the size comparison in this sample sprite:

So far I've re-sprited all of his original walking , idling, and gethit frames. I've also made a shocked sprite for him

I'm not too familiar with the vital details of the character beyond what I can recall from my childhood & the whole punker-turned warthog premise. So any and all information/ fun-facts about him that I can implement into the character are welcome here. Any canonical attacks or weapons he's used in the show would be great to mention in this thread as well.

If you've got any ideas on what you'd like him to play like or want to post some Bebop related art I'd very much appreciate it.

I'll post more progress and sprites as it comes along...
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