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Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
This Bebop actually looks hella sweet in the 2012 colors.

Where's the Archie palette from? I don't have most of the series directly at my fingertips but I'm guessing it's from early in the run? I remember some palette errors in the beginning.

I saw it on the TMNT wiki page.
It looked very unique for an official palette so I had to include it.

Originally Posted by Refractive Reflections View Post
Awesome work dcat! I'm always impressed by your attention to detail. All the nuances that you incorporate into the sprites, add more layers of intrigue and excitement for your work.
That's the idea, I want to have nods to the other versions even if the classic is my favorite. The variety of different official iterations and alternate takes and approaches to the character can give me some jumping off points for attack ideas or character intros, so its all good here.

Originally Posted by Halfshell View Post
Will B be interacting with other characters?

For an idle, like you did with Krang, and give B his snorting? (slightly faster)

Taunt: "Shoulda brought some comics"

Throw: "I Should ring your stinkin' neck" (slightly faster)
Originally Posted by Halfshell View Post
if not use as a special, how bout might hog fly in, hovers, crash lands, tears off the super hero outfit saying "I hate being a good guy" into his normal clothes under his super hero outfit for an intro?

I hate being a good guy:
Yes, Bebop will be interacting with my other characters so I need as many clips or banter between him and any adversary really as possible.

Halfshell, kudos & thanks so much for the audio rips! I really like the Mighty Bebop suggestion, this is a great idea. Just like The Simpsons characters from Konami Arcade would appear onscreen when you inserted an extra coin to continue. There's even a Homer Simpson character by Warner that has this special pre-fight introduction as well so I can check that out for reference.

I'm currently spriting a chain / spiked chain mace ball Special attack for Bebop. New moves are always pretty meticulous at the outset but once I have a few base sprites to manipulate and crop together the ball gets rolling a bit quicker.

I'll probably be updating the character palette once I add more elements to the character, still need to update his Monster Truck sprites from TMNT3 Manhattan Project... more to come.
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