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Originally Posted by dcat View Post

Yes, Bebop will be interacting with my other characters so I need as many clips or banter between him and any adversary really as possible.

Halfshell, kudos & thanks so much for the audio rips! I really like the Mighty Bebop suggestion, this is a great idea. Just like The Simpsons characters from Konami Arcade would appear onscreen when you inserted an extra coin to continue. There's even a Homer Simpson character by Warner that has this special pre-fight introduction as well so I can check that out for reference.
In the Episode Atlantis Awakes (S7E23) Where Bebop becomes falsify King of Atlantis, he has a few negative interactions with Shredder, like Shred is thinks he's in charge and king bebop "deserves respect", etc. Only thing, James Avery doesn't not provide the voice of Shredder, but I can still get the audio if you want to use King Bebop arguing with Shredder as an intro.

Bebop doesn't have a lot of speaking parts as for just mumbo jumbo talking and interacting with Rock. And a lot of them has music or heavy sound effects.
I have a few here from various episodes
Bebop and Donatello ( Ep: Shredder's New Sword/S7 E8 )

Don: "This is gonna be a snap!"
Bebop: "Yeah, for me. You're gonne Get snapped"
There is a sound of Bebop tapping a club in his hand, but its one of the best i can find without alot of music in the background)

Bebop and Don ( Ep : Turtles on the Orient Express/S7E10 )
Don: "Strike one, try again"
Bebop: "Oh yeah? Well strike two shellback and you're out!"

For attacks:
"Try these on for size"
"Try these on for size" (faster)
"Out of my way"
"In a minute you'll be in space!"

Getting hit:
"mammaaaaaaaaaaa" good for a KO

Throw/or Attack:
"ah, gotcha"
"gotcha" :

"Post quickly and fade away into the shadow"

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