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If Bebop has a gun in one hand and a shield in the other.. how's he gonna punch?

and a low energy required special, just have him use his blaster and randomly shoot everywhere in front of him like most his 87 cartoon does.

Also will there be impliments of ofthe universe/carnations of his counterparts from other sources: i.e. Nick, comics, turtles forever, movies, etc.?

Bebop wouldn't have an assist unless you count Slash. Slash was only a pet to Bebop in the 87 toon, while other carnations Nick he was Raphs pet. Unless you make Slash his own character, 87' Bebop would be the only one to use him properly.

Also Bebop and Rocksteady made a brief cameo in Sonic the Hedgehog comics:

maybe for his Vs screen if you are able to modify here an idea art:

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