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Yes! I got your audio unfortunately the clips were too quiet to effectively use in the character as is. Thank you for the in-depth episode source suggestions though, I've submitted this request on the MUGEN guild forums using your episode guides and I'm waiting to hear back on if someone there can get a higher quality audio rip of the clips you uploaded. Thanks a bunch Halfshell, sorry for the late response.

I've been busy trying to chip away at some more Bebop animations.

Updated and enlarged Bebop's classic taunt frames

Made a Sliding Mace Ball Attack, this'll be one of Bebop's dash-in Light Punch at the moment.

Got this Grab Walking animation based on Boris from Violent Storm -- my alignment sucks on this one...

And a Back-Breaker Knee Option for his throws.

I've added Impact Crater explods to several of Bebop's moves, Ground Bounce Launcher, Suplex etc...

I've also coded the hit properties of Butt Drop Special so that now Bebop lands on the opponent's face. Fun stuff here.

I've been checking out a few more Grappler type characters like Illusionista's Killer Croc and Red Cyclone as well as the Slam Masters characters. Tons of innovative stuff here, great mechanics.

Trying to get a play-style with Bebop where he can combo into his throw attacks that feels intuitive but familiar enough so the button layout is becoming an issue here, Also I don't really like the idea of your momentum halting entirely during throws so we'll see.

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