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Originally Posted by Halfshell View Post
If no one's able to make the sounds louder, I'm sure I can boost up the sounds. I just dunno the sound spike rate or scale (how loud its supposed to be)
@Halfshell: That's okay your sourcing on the episode locations was enough. A user on MugenGuild Forum said he'd get some rips for me on that front.
If you have any audio of the new Nickelodeon Bebop played by J.B. Smoove that'd be much appreciated though. I'm thinking about including it as an alternate option based on the color palette

Okay I've been busy working on Bebop's Tazer Blast attacks. This has been remapped from a Fireball Motion special to the Heavy Punch Button ala MVC2 Cable. There is a ground version and an Air version that aims down diagonally plus a Dashing Forward + HP version where Bebop leaps forward and shoots forward in midair. Whenever Bebop shoots his Blaster while in the air the recoil will push him back a bit before landing.
Standing Tazer Shots can be chained 3 times consecutively.

Here's a couple screenshots

Also I've added the Tazer Blast Muzzle Flash colors to the palette so you can have palette specific bullets or lasers

SHOOT On The Ground/ SHOOT after DASH/ SHOOT in AIR

Also improved the Jumping Light Punch animation to this cheeky Short Elbow pose- adds much more personality

I'll make a new combo video shortly to show off the new possibilities here. @altoiddealer or anyone else out here that's got any Bebop audio, if you have those sound rips I'd love to get my hands on them right about now, Bebop is still scary quiet without 'em.

More to come, folks
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