Thread: [Question] Any way to change my user name?
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Originally Posted by Metalwolf View Post
I had tried clicking on it, since it just shows up as a '?' in a blue square. It didn't respond, so I assumed it had been a picture of one of the characters of Metalwolf.

Edit: Was able to see it now, but only after it had been in a quote box, otherwise it won't show.
That is odd. It showed up on multiple devices for me. Scroll down to see the mega form of the version I saw as a middle schooler.

Also, about the username chnage, if it does not happen for a while do not think you are being ignored. Krang saved/favorited the thread in question and will take care of it whenever he returns. We could place wagers. Any takers? Just kidding. I do miss having him around.
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