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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
rather than write up a long reason why this deserves to be pooped on, i'll instead bring up the fact that mostly everyone who say they liked it also had a "but" in their reasoning.

"the animation was solid, but..."
"the voice actors were good, but..."
"the take is new, but..."

it sounds like a lot of people trying to make excuses for something they love being handled so poorly.
I mean people can have mixed feelings on things

On-Topic: Watched the first episode and I thought it was good but I do have some problems with it.
Characters: I find the turtles to be enjoyable so far and while I didn't like the idea of Raph being the leader( I still prefer it being Donnie) it does kinda work in this series since he isn't really that much of a hot head, dude's headstrong but I don't see him holding a stress ball whenever something annoys him. Leo is alright so far, being more of the calm and the jokey type but the dude doesn't really stand out so far. Mikey having a normal IQ and Don not acting thristy towards April is a huge plus for me. I'm neutral on April, the synopsis did say she would be sassy and street savvy and thats what she is. I still don't like Splinter, his design sucks and I don't like this "lazy" quirk he has now. I know having Splinter be the same sagey and wise character gets boring but come at least give him something better than laziness. Baron is pretty cool so far and sort of reminds me of Aku, a character who is both threatening and funny.
Animation/Art: Apparently the guy who worked on this(Andy Suriano)
also worked on Motorcity and it shows because the fightscenes here are amazing. Not only the animation is fluid but there are some creative shots, transformation/powers, choreography and in one scene when Don sent Baron flying they incorporated the background while he was being flung. I do have some problems like the non combat scenes being somewhat jankey looking and I'm not really too crazy about the color saturation in this series, not only tts looks too bright but it kinda stays the same regardless of lighting. The first episode had both a day and night scene and they the color doesn't really look that different said scenes. Some people may complain that modern cartoons have the same color saturation but at least it sort of changes between light and dark environments but here it kinda stagnates. Motrocity used light very well to differentiate their scenes( especially when you compare Deluxe Detroit and Motorcity)
Voices: All the voice actors do a good job but something about Raph feels off some how, I dunno I'm not feeling it so far.

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