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Finished sprites 07/20/12

Well, finally i'm happy with what i've got. Human Bebop for the arcade is finished (well... almost, i've discovered today that it has a single special frame i was not aware of when it collides with rocksteady... i guess i'll post it soon).
Also, as i said in other post, there's a new rocksteady with helmet for the tmnt 2 arcade game for the nes. And there's a rocksteady for manhattan project for the nes as well. I still have to finish the Manhattan project Bebop, but it's not that hard. Will be coming soon!
The TMNT 2 Rocksteady was made using the ripped sprite sheet of Deathbringer and for the TMNT 3 the one of Code-E.

This is a gif with all the animations for Bebop. I'll post the sprite sheet when i get that frame missing and de-mutagenize it .

The running animation is OK. Here it stops for one frame because i needed it for the walking animation wich had one more frame long. There's original Bebop just for comparison.
Hope you like it!

PS1: Already have a Rocksteady's face animation. But i'll just leave you with his smile.
PS2: For some reason, in the TMNT 3 Rocksteady still apears a Rhino Rocksteady (an upload i deleted, an reupload withouth him). In photobucket he's not there, so... i don't know. Maybe is just the preview...
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