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As much as I love the Golden Harvest era, I think puppets are pretty much dead in Hollywood. As far as CGI TMNT... all future movies in my opinion should be live action with fully CGI turtles. MoCap is okay I guess but I would prefer full renderings in a computer. Turtles that actually resemble the Eastman/Laird drawings. About 5" each in height with a 4" Splinter.

There was a time however when I advocated 2D animated turtles in live action ala Roger Rabbit but that was back in the 90s when I was young, dumb and full of it! So yeah!
“The Foot Clan is very resourceful… and has knowledge of a great many skills. Some from the time of legends and myth... Some from the time of logic and science. Together all things are possible.” – Oroku Saki, Mirage Vol.1 #21, Return to New York Part III
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