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Sumac already made that joke a page back.

Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
The fact that you are playing the game doesn't mean that you understand its finer details. Especially, if you say that 2D fighting games are all the same.

By this logic, all platformers are Castlevanias, all First Person Shooters are Doom, all Third Person Shooters are GTAs and all RPGs are Final Fantasies.

Its so reductive and limited approach, I can't even imagine how one can come to such a conclusion.

Also, Tekkens play much more similar to each other than Street Fighters. Tekken 7, for example, still reuses animations from Tekken 3. Talking about "same skeleton". And even than only inattentive person would say that Tekken 7 plays anything like previous Tekkens.
By Andrew's standards we should all be playing fighting games on the Holodeck in fully-immersive VR by now, or else we're wasting our time and videogames have made zero progress.

Love ya buddy.

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