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My overly deep analysis on Zog's character...

So, I've been thinking about this for alot of time, and in someway, it seems that has some logic, even if it's 90% unintentional.
I want to talk about Zog! The Triceraton Soldier that helped the turtles in the episode Rougue in the House.

So, hear me out. We all know that Zog sacrifices himself to give the turtles time to escape from the exploding Shredder's Freighter, and we all know it's the saddest thing happened to humanity (obliviously I cry everytime).
Normally, the story ends there, nothing more or less.

But since I like to give rational toughts for irrational reasons, I decided to think about it even more.

Let's start from the Triceratons Republic:
They are controlled by Zanramon, a dictator who's obsessed in taking over the galaxy (just like General Blanque).
Just as the cartoon explains, the war is basically useless, since the teleportation device of Honeycutt doesn't even work.
So every soldier in the Triceraton's army is fighting and risking their lives in a senseless war.

Zog, reaching Earth trought the Transmat, breaks his gas mask (respiration device whatever), and due to the different air on Earth, his brain cells are collapsing.
Donatello saves him, but his brain was messed up anyway, making Zog constantly think that the turtles were Triceratons, and he was still fighting for the Fugitoid War.
The turtles take advantage from this, to destroy the Splinter Cyborg and Shredder's Freighter.

In the last scene of the second episode, Zog, before dying due to Shredders hit on his back, takes the Shredder by force jumping into fire attempting to kill him.

So, what's my thought?
I noticed some kind of parallelism between the Fugitoid War and the Rogue in the House event.
At the end of Rogue in the House part 2, you can see that Shredder gets rescued by Karai's elicopter, showing him BARELY damaged by Zog's sacrifice.
This led me to think that his sacrifice was basically useless.

But wait. I just said that the Fugitoid War IS actually useless, since the teleportation device doesn't work.

Zog lived his last days as he lived the war. He thought that the Foot was the Federation, and so he behaved like he would have done in the normal war.
This means that if he didn't got transported to Earth he would have probably sacrificed for real during the real Fugitoid War! Sacrificing himself for a useless goal! Just like his attempt in killing the Shredder.

Just to make it clearer:

Fugitoid War = Shredder's death
Federation = Foot Clan

It's incredibly sad if you think about it. This poor guy lived and died in a lie...
Sure, his sacrifice is not completely vain with the turtles, since they survived and the laboratory was destroyed, but still it's really sad.
It makes you think how terribly war can change the meaning of someone's life, maybe leading the soldier to think that his sacrifice could have been remembered.

In the Fugitoid War, he could have been just a number, but with the turtles, he became a hero, because he fought for his comrades, for his republic and for...


(sorry I got excited)
"Fighting for our comrades, for the Republic, for...

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