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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post

I did, man! The point still stands - lmao she didn't realize this as her mistake at all. She didn't have an epiphany that she was wrong in her self-absorption. Instead she says in the flyer that she can forgive him because he lied with good intent. And sure, she feels guilt at the crumbling of the King and Queen, but again those are separate things - she feels guilt for her hand in it, but I don't recall her being checked for her self-absorption that led to her head-math in the first place. In sort, Teela never realizes that it was his secret to keep, but instead forgives him because he had "good intentions". I'm telling you the entire thing is a marker of the generational zeitgeist. "We all got trophies so anything I perceive or think is accurate because I'm perfect, but I will forgive you for your trespasses".

Furthermore, she gives the commie speech about "how this time the power is for EVERYONE!". Typical appeal to the terrified-of-life generation. Yet after she blows hard about that, not everyone in Eternia is "empowered". It's still just her.

It's all BS. It's an epic failure of appropriated storytelling wrapped in gorgeous animation.

You've got to really look at the execution and not just be absorbed by the delivered words, man. "Teela says she's sorry so she realizes what she did was wrong". BS it was an empty position. She's sorry for the damage she caused, and she forgives Adam as if she's the great balancer in acceptance, when in fact the whole position was misguided in the first place.

The animation was eyecandy. The Ram-Man moment was terrific. But.... honestly I wouldn't give them a dollar for that woke $#!( or for the pedestrian, childish execution of their story trope.
Sounds like the just decided to make Teela a detestable bitch and never looked back, and that's the person girls are supposed to look at and be inspired from.

Feminism really does suck, doesn't it?
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