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TMNT ads dominated the airwaves on kids' channels before it released. It convinced me to want to see it based on sheer curiosity on what movie could possibly warrant that amount of buzz.

It was my first exposure to the Turtles and I was just confused. It felt like the whole movie immediately followed the events of another, more exciting movie. Which, in a way, it does.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
What turned you off if you had no experience with the series before? It's not like the Foot Elementals are any different than usual TMNT villains, or even Shokonobo being the type of alien you would always see in TMNT
That's a really good question! Maybe I thought the Elementals were "too anime" or some other nonsensical reason. Shokonobo is harder to explain... because you're right he's no different than any of the throwaway villains in FW. Probably just that he wasn't Shredder and Krang. Maybe I felt a villain like him deserved a single episode instead of a full season, but who knows, I was 8 or something.

As for the show as a whole, I might be able to answer that more thoroughly. I dug what I saw of S5 at the time, mainly because I thought Demon Shredder was rad. Since it was the endpoint of the first four seasons' story, I didn't know what was going on half the time, though. That's on me. Maybe I subconsciously took "THE LOST EPISODES" to imply something non-canon making me think I could understand what was happening having not seen the rest of the show.

The tones of FF and BTTS were odd in that they were closer to the FW series but to me they lacked a lot of the "fun." There's a general understanding in FW that none of it is meant to be taken seriously, and there's a self-awareness you pick up on even as a kid. I'd never seen anything else like it at the time, and I think that aspect captivated me. Even though the show knew well it was a dumb 22-minute toy commercial, the characters took their conflicts 100% seriously in-universe to a comical degree. Meanwhile, FF and BTTS were dumb 22-minute toy commercials as self-aware as a houseplant. There was a sense of fun and looseness in FW that was just rigid and lacking of any personality in FF/BTTS.

That might not make much sense -- I'm speaking from 15 year old memories since I haven't rewatched either season.

Of course, the 2003 show was a dumb 22-minute toy commercial that took itself 100% seriously in general. But the other seasons had more meat on their bones. Keep the same show but take away the darker tone, the character-driven stories, and (likely) animation budget, and you get FF & BTTS. Would I have responded better to S1-4? The world may never know... Though the show may have been one Shredder-beheading away from being turned off permanently in my house anyway.
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