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I need to rewatch this show sometime, because the only part of the show I feel compelled to revisit ever is Season 1. The whole writing team changed after that and iirc it showed...

I agree with neatoman that the show was attempting a cohesive whole but post-S1 it consistently shot itself in the foot while doing so. The "all is lost" moment of S4's finale is supposed to be Shredder killing Splinter, which would've felt climactic if they didn't fake out a Splinter death twice across the previous two season finales.

The Kraang were an important secondary threat alongside Shredder in Season 1, but kinda f*cked off randomly after Season 3 despite subsequent appearances by Kraang Sub-Prime. They got no send-off or ultimate defeat, there was no reason to believe S3's finale would've put them out of commission, certainly not any more than their other grand defeats. They're one of the more egregious elements the show just forgot about, but there were others like Mutagen Man and Xever that felt like they saw their last major appearances before their stories were really over.

There's also a massive time paradox in Earth's Last Stand that would make the show's entire universe fold in onto itself that's hand-waved away by the show (very similar to one that even the 1987 series acknowledged and made a plot point in its 10th season).

The dialogue gets worse too. I rarely got the impression post-S1 that these were actual conversations people would have with each other, like something out of a bad fanfic. S1 never had that problem, and on my recent 2003 watch if that show ever had that problem it felt more "comic book pulp" than fanfic. Again, I could be misremembering as it's been a few years, but for a show that wants you to take it a little seriously it sure has some awkward dialogue. One of my personal favs is in my signature, from S5's "Heart of Evil."

All that said, I really like a lot about the show. Its visual design is stellar with some nice Turtle designs and its fight scenes started good and only got better. And I trash on post-S1 but there were plenty of gems that kept me watching when it was airing, like the Slash ep and the Mad Max 3-parter. Voice cast was absolute genius for the most part, KMR as Shredder is just one of those things you hear and you go "yeah, it shouldn't be anybody else."
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