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Originally Posted by Egon1982 View Post
Sumac thinks the furry fandom or bronies rapes animals and all, an old stereotype just like he probably thinks blacks are all gangsters with guns, Jews are all greedy, Mexicans are lazy, Italians are all gangsters etc. as in stereotyping.
You are the guy who was crying about how not treating cartoon animals (not furries) as real people with feelings is akin to how nazies treated Jews. In other words: you are certainly not helping your cause.

Originally Posted by PApagreg View Post
I don't know why you let Sumac get to you, they never have anything interesting or poignant to say and you are better off having them on your ignore list.
Someone's salty.
Did I won in argument against you or something?
It must have been something very insignificant, since I can't remember it.
Now with 200,1% more poison!

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