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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Since there's still no MK12 announced, I do wonder if we'll still get another DLC round. Its basically gotten to the point where fighters are evergreen and don't need sequels to keep going. They can also continue to add more Story DLC like they did already to keep the plot moving without a new game.

MK11 is still missing some classic fighters like Reptile, Ermac, Sektor/Cyrax/Smoke, and a few others, I'd like it to keep going then re-build everyone from scratch again. I feel like MK's fighting style has been perfected in MK11, so rebuilding everyone from start will be pointless. Also the graphics especially the PS5 version look amazing still.
It will be a while until we get any MK12 announcement, When Injustice is due for another game, Or possibly a Marvel game if the rumors are true.
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