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A few things I never really understood...

Now that the series is concluded and we've largely discussed a lot of the major character traits and plot points there are a few little things that I was curious to see if anyone knew the answer too;

* What exactly was the difference between the normal Kraang droids and the ones with the blue 'shell/shield'?

* Where did all the human foot ninja in NYC go?

* Obviously for budget reasons the streets are pretty deserted most of the time, but why did we so rarely get any busy street scenes?

* The Kraang upgraded their weapon platforms regularly (flyers, spider walkers, the bio droids), but why did they never upgrade their own android bodies? The Foot managed to do so, the Kraang seemed to never bother.

* What was the deal with the Dregg Robot? Or Dregg dying after being 'spaced' only to return later?

* If the Kraang were stealing scientists (plural), then why did the turtles only ever see and successfully rescue April's dad? Where were the rest of them?

* Where does Splinter get the turtles armoury from?

Was any of this ever explained and I just never noticed? Were there any weird little things like this that you guys noted over the 5 seasons?
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