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Originally Posted by zflareside92 View Post
I see that there is a post about Myteefinestuff receiving a payment and not shipping the order. My store has been online since 2004 (1000's of orders shipped) and I have not missed an order yet, so this baffles me. I have searched my PayPal account and can not find any Payments received that I did not respond to. I have searched my store's order history and can not find an order that I should have shipped. If what you say is true, then believe me, I will make you whole again, but I need your help. Please let me know what your order number is. My email address is I have been having some dificulty with my hosting provider. They (Verio) sold out to Endurance International Group and the transition was a nightmare back in January. I would change to a better hosting service if I was not selling out my vast inventory @ 60% off. I just don't want to start all over again with a new provider. So, please respond to me. I am dying to fix this. Tom
Got in touch with Tom, everything is straightened out. I sent e-check and didnt know it which takes longer to process. Its just a waiting game now till the check clears. Ill keep you all updated, hopefully its smooth sailing from here because your store was the only place i could find the raare parts i needed
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