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Originally Posted by Peter Palmer View Post
Just as a heads up, it is against the Paypal User Agreement to solicit/receive friends and family payments for business transactions.

Here's a statement from a Paypal forum admin:

Lastly, it is against the PayPal User Agreement to accept personal payments for the sale of goods and services. The ability to receive personal payments could be disabled if the feature is abused. That's not something we want to have happen with any customer as they would then completely lose the option. Even for friends and family.

I personally recommend NEVER using friends & family payments for business transactions. Sob stories about getting ripped off keep happening, but my sympathy for them ran out years ago.
You always show up to say this same stuff, but its clearly on the site when you make the payment. Everyone knows what they are getting into when making payments like this. Let people be if you are truly tired or out of sympathy.
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