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Originally Posted by Coro View Post
You always show up to say this same stuff, but its clearly on the site when you make the payment. Everyone knows what they are getting into when making payments like this. Let people be if you are truly tired or out of sympathy.
What stuff? The rules? Which site? Paypal? A few things:

1) You know what else is on the Paypal website? The user agreement...the terms that every user agrees to BEFORE using the service. You don't like the rules, don't use the service. And certainly don't whine when abuse of said service puts you in a pickle.

2) In my experience, people don't always know that using the friends and family option in this manner is against the terms of service. Many don't even know why a seller will ask them to send payment in this fashion. Often times the 2 ways a Paypal newbie will figure this out is a) getting burned by a scam artist or b) reading threads like these...hence why I call out this practice when I can.

3) Being out of sympathy changes the tone of the message, but not the message itself. Being out of sympathy simply means my posts on this subject are less
"You poor, innocent darling, let's talk this out"
and more
"You messed up, here's how you don't mess up in the future".

I won't just "let it be" as threads like these may help people in the future. Maybe someone will read about this and then opt to use paypal correctly, thus avoiding a scam that would have otherwise taken them by surprise.

After all, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
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