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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
I'm wondering that myself. It seems the consequences of Secret Wars are still felt in the Unlimited game. Mysterio references the fact his RYV version traced Annie to her last school, so that probably explains why Peter and MJ decided to enroll her in the school of another dimension.
If I recall correctly, Hawkeye shot Mysterio in the face in RYV issue 4. Course, since this is Mysterio, he could've faked getting hit, but it is interesting that the game would function as a sequel to the comic, but ignore an element of it.

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
It's still not clear what the continuity will be regarding the new RYV comic, MJ having powers implies the events of Spider-Island happened and Peter just never cured her like he did in the original, but that's just guess work.
On thinking it over, I'm guessing that the comic and game writers will probably not go out of their way to sync up, based on, from what I've heard, the game tends to do its own adaptation of stuff. If the two remain consistent so that they can say on the same timeline, it'll probably be a happy coincidence. I'd probably prefer if the two were kept separate to some extent; I wouldn't want missing gaps in the story that require a game I can't play.

(That said, if Unlimited is still running when RYV the series hits, I'll bet that elements will probably show up in the game somewhere along the line.)

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Yeah, that's accurate. Not sure if MJ will be getting her own event when she tries out that armour. The main storyline in Unlimited at the moment is a near-faithful adaptation of the Superior Spider-Man story.
Can't play the game (although I keep current downloads on the computer on the off-chance I get a phone that can), but I thought that they were doing some "Spidey-2099 stuff currently?

(Hope the "Superior" stuff wraps up minus the Parker Industries story; I'm not fond of that setting and wouldn't want to play a game using them.)[/QUOTE]
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