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This is the contents of the DC mini-series and assorted comics box I am having trouble sorting appropriately.
-DC Rebirth special
-Convergence: Detective Comics 1&2
-Convergence: Nightwing & Oracle 1&2
-Convergence: Speed Force 1&2
-DC Special #28 featuring Earth Shattering Disasters.
-Christmas with the Super Heroes (1988 ) reprinted stories
-DC Christmas Special 2008
-DC Christmas Special 2010
-Zero Hour
-Identity Crisis set
-Infinite Crisis set
-Final Crisis set
-Doomsday Clock set
-DC: The New Frontier
-DC Silver Age mini-series set
-World's Finest (1990) mini-series set
-World's Finest (1999) mini-series set
-Trinity mini-series set
-11 select issues of DC Comics Presents (including 1st NNT preview)
-Superman:The Wedding Album
-DC vs Marvel set
Batman/Captain America
-Batman film adaptations 1989-1997, Mask of the Phantasm,Subzero,World's Finest adaptations
-Robin Year One
-Batgirl Year One
-Batman Special (1987)
-Batman: Batgirl one-shot
-DC 1st:Batgirl/Joker
-Girl Frenzy: Batgirl
-Secret Original Special (1989)
-Catwoman: When In Rome mini-series set
-Batman: Mr. Freeze
-Penguin Triumphant
-Run, Riddler, Run set
-The Riddle Factory
-Two Face Strikes Twice! set
-Legends of the DC Universe #6 (Robin meets Superman),#10 & 11 (Batgirl)
-29 select issues of Flash (1987)
-Flash#13(temporary death of Bart Allen)
-Flash plus Nightwing
-Flash: Grodd (2013)
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