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Originally Posted by Tony Day View Post
Very nice sprite work there mate. Is this included in any Mugen pack or is it downloaded separately?
When he's done, Bebop will be released as a standalone character.

Also here's a little preview of how Bebop is progressing. I was gonna include annotations but Youtube has disallowed them for reasons...
I go through Bebop's movement and standing crouching and air attacks. So far he's all normals plus the mace ball if Air HP Connects.

Bebop has a forward hop dash instead of a standard running animation, The hop dash can be used as an OTG Jump-in for HP or HK currently.

The running animation from the games is used for his Charging Shoulder Tackle Special (QCB + Any Punch). The Shoulder Tackle is unblockable but Bebop has Blue CLSN on him so he can be hit out of it if your attack has priority of invincibility frames.

Also the opponent can dodge or jump out of the way of the Shoulder Tackle and Bebop will crash into the screen injuring himself -- Bebop only takes damage if he doesn't have an enemy to hit and this self-inflicted wall damage can kill him so gauge your Shoulder Charges wisely.

QCF + Any Punch fires a Tazer Blast
Also there's the Butt Drop Special (QCB + Any Kick).
Any suggestions on where to go from here are welcome, he's very basic at thee moment

I did a match vid against my Leonardo's AI but it's taking forever to upload, expect more later...
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