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I've been trying to implement a lot of the feedback from Beta testers the past short bit of time now. Thanks for your suggestions guys here's what I've been up to lately:

UPDATE 11/24/2017

-Updated Color Palettes
-Changed SHOULDER CHARGE special command to (QCF + Any Punch While Standing)
- Removed initial Gun Butt HitDef from STANDING TAZER SHOT (Heavy Punch button now solely fires the Gun)
- Added Pushback recoil from STANDING TAZER SHOTS (Heavy Punch Button While On the Ground)
- Lessened Pushback recoil from AIR TAZER SHOT (Heavy Punch Button or Back + HP While in the Air)
-Remapped AIR LIGHT KICK and AIR MEDIUM KICK animations, updated HitDef Properties for both
-Changed AIR HANDCLAP Command to MP,MP or Down + MP or Forward + MP or QCF +MP (While in the Air)
-Limited AIR ELBOW DROP to Once per Combo String (Press Down + HP While in the Air), Bebop now fires an AIR TAZER SHOT on 2nd Attempt
-Added Gun Cocking Noise to TAZER SHOTS
-Improved Air Combo Chaining for AIR TAZER SHOT (HP While in the Air)
-Added Follow-Up Attack to AIR LIGHT PUNCH (Press LP, LP While in the Air for a new Animation)

-Replaced Dashing Light Punch animation with new GUN SWIPE Attack (Forward, Forward + LP)
-Added GUN SWIPE to Combo Ender, after 2 Normal Light Punches Connect (Standing LP, LP, LP or Dash Forward + LP), you can follow-up after GUN SWIPE with a launcher combo or by shooting some long range TAZER SHOTS depending on distance Bebop is from the corner

-Added HEADCRUSH as a command Normal (Back + LP or QCB+ LP While Standing) Like Alex's Heavy Punch from Street Fighter 3

-Added Classic Bebop Uppercut from the Arcade game as well, this one splats P2 on the wall (Back + MP or QCB+ MP While Standing)

-Limited BELLY BUMP (Back + HP) to Once per Combo String, 2nd Attempt will yield PORKSCREW CLOTHESLINE attack (Press Back + HP or QCB + HP after Belly Bump Connects & Bebop will jump into the Air to bring the Wall-Bounced Enemy to the Turf)

-I tried my hand at spriting an animated Idle stance. I'm no good at this but Bebop looks less catatonic now, still really choppy though

-And to cap it all off I've added simple SUPER ARMOR to Bebop as well! (This is one-hit stun like Hulk from MvC and Bebop still takes 100% of the damage value inflicted on him, also Bebop can still be put into custom states and grabbed if your attack negates his armor or you combo into him). Trust me, it makes his grapple gameplay more suspenseful and fun. Well placed command grabs can bully right through the enemy's successful attack leveling the playing field against speedier opponents like Shredder!

stay tuned
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